Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wait List Blues

The University of Michigan

Yesterday we found out that Jon got put on the waiting list at Washington University in St. Louis. This really sucked. He has only been accepted to 1 school. He was wait listed at 2, turned down at some others, and we are still waiting to hear from the University of Utah. We don't actually want to go the U of U, but it would be nice to find out how much money they would be willing to give him to go there. Jon would be really angry if the U of U turned him down. Especially since they are #49 in the country, where the University of Michigan (where he got accepted) is #11 or so.

It was really sad to find out that he was wait listed. I felt SO bad for him. He really deserves more than that! He worked hard, got a good score on the MCAT, did well at his interviews, yet he has only been accepted to 1 school. He really deserves better. It has also been tough to watch one of our friends, who is also going to medical school this fall, be accepted at almost all of the schools that he applied for.

So, right now it looks like we are about 98% sure that we will be moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan! I'm pretty excited! Jon said Ann Arbor was beautiful and he really liked the school there too! There is still a small chance that he will get accepted to one of the schools that put him on the wait list, but we have no idea and really want to start planning to go somewhere, so we will still probably choose Michigan even if he gets accepted at another school.

Only 45 more days until we move!!!

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