Monday, October 28, 2013

|{ Fall Family Session }|

I was recently able to a super fun Autumn session for a beautiful family!! They were incredible to work with and I just love how their photos turned out!!

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

|{ Waiting For Movement }|

When you have a miscarriage, something like waiting for your baby move can be super hard.  I just wanted to feel the security of knowing he was still doing well enough to be moving around, but as the weeks passed I just wasn't feeling him.  Or at least I wasn't sure that I was feeling him.

I had been feeling something since about Sept 4th (I was about 19 weeks into my pregnancy) but I could never say for certain that it was the baby and not something else.  I had been told that my placenta was placed anteriorly so that it might take longer for me to feel him.  I talked to my doctor on Sept 24th and she assured me that if I thought I was feeling him, then I was feeling him.

It wasn't until Sept 27th (almost 23 weeks into my pregnancy) that I was positive the movement I had felt was my little boy.  I was sitting at the computer when I felt a little thump.  I placed my hand on my belly and felt him kick my hand! I was so excited.  I then watched my belly and actually saw him kick me as well! I told Jonathan right away, I just couldn't believe it! It was so exciting!!

I have been feeling him move daily since then and I just love it.  It is such a comfort to feel him and it's fun too.  I've been trying to get Jonathan to feel him but he always stops moving when he puts his hand on my belly.  Silly boy.  Hopefully he will get to feel him in the next few weeks!

I have been going into panic mode a bit.  I feel like we have so much to do and no time to do it.  I can't believe that I have less than 4 months to go! Not to mention the Holidays coming up, I just feel like time is going to slip by so fast.  Which is great! But also scary!!

My baby shower is going to be at the end of this month!! Two of my AMAZING friends are throwing it for me and I just can't wait! It's going to be so much fun!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

|{ My Baby Story- Part 1 }|

One of the reasons why I haven't blogged in the last few months was because I knew I was pregnant and we weren't ready to tell people yet.  And since that was the biggest thing going on in my life, I had no desire to talk about anything else.  haha!

But now we have told everyone and so I thought I would share our story!

In November I miscarried, I was only around 10 weeks pregnant but it was still devastating.  Even though it is super common, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, it was still one of those things that you think "Well that won't happen to me."  It was really hard and there was a lot of pain and sadness.  However, it did bring Jonathan and I even closer together and it meant everything to me to have him there.  I didn't have to go through it alone.

My doctor is INCREDIBLE, and I really appreciated the way she handled the situation and encouraged us for the next time we got pregnant.  We started trying again not too long after that.

The due date from my miscarriage would have been on May 27th, 2013.  As that date drew closer I found myself desperate to be pregnant again.  I wanted to be pregnant before that date came.  I decided that no matter what, I wanted to take a pregnancy test on that day.  It was a little earlier than they recommend you take the test, but I didn't care.  I just had to try on that day, I had to know.

So, expecting failure for another cycle, I took the test that day.  AND IT WAS POSITIVE!! I was shocked! I was sure it was going to be negative, Jonathan was sure it was going to be negative! But we both looked down at that test and it could not be more clear that we were pregnant again! And what could have been a very sad day, turned into a super happy one! We couldn't have been more excited...and worried.

The next few months would be filled with constant worry, worry that I would miscarry again.  We didn't tell anyone this time, though we did end up having to tell our bosses at one point.  We were excited but scared, we didn't want to feel that loss again.

A few days after we found out I had gone in for some blood work and scheduled my first doctors appointment.  About a day or so later I got a call from my doctor.  She was so happy on the phone! She said that she saw my name on her schedule and she was excited for me! She said it totally made her day to see my name! She said my tests came back fine but that she wasn't calling about that, that she just wanted to congratulate us! I love my doctor!

My doctors appointments could not come quickly enough.  Every appointment I had feared that she would not find the heartbeat, that it wouldn't be there anymore, that I would have a repeat experience from last time.  But she never even had to search for my baby, within seconds she had located it, every single time.  It was a relief.

Right around the time that I found out I was pregnant, I got a call from my brother.  Him and his wife were going to start trying for a baby! They had some questions, which I happily answered and I was excited for them! A month after that they called to tell us that they were pregnant!! They had only tried for a month, one cycle, and they were already pregnant! I was a little jealous of course, but super happy for them!!

My due date is January 27th, 2014.
Their due date is February 26th, 2014.
We are almost exactly a month apart.

And they told everyone the day that they took the positive pregnancy test! So now, everyone knows about them but no one knows about us and we are due earlier! Turns out that some members of my family began to wonder if I might be pregnant, mostly due to the fact that I was nothing but ecstatic for my brother, when all of them know how much I wanted to have the first baby on my side of the family (as the oldest).

So we finally made it to my second trimester! We had made it past the point where most miscarriages take place.  My first trimester was fairly easy.  A little nausea but nothing too severe.  I was almost disappointed.  All I wanted was some extra confirmation that I was really pregnant, but in the end I can't really complain.  :)
So we were finally ready to tell our families! We told every one through Skype, we didn't really do anything big this time, but showed them a picture of the ultrasound.  Everyone was thrilled.  Some even cried.  It was so sweet! It was kind of funny to tell my family, and especially my brother and his wife, since we are due before them.

Everything continued to go well! We did our first trimester screen and the chances of our baby having a chromosome abnormality is extremely low! It was a relief.  We have been so happy and excited!

At just before 20 weeks we had our anatomy scan appointment!! It was so awesome how much you could see of our little baby! Every little bone was visible, you could even see all the chambers of the heart! We even counted all 5 toes on one foot! It was so fun!!

We wanted to find out the gender but we didn't want them to tell us there.  So we had them write it down for us! That day we went to Party City with a box and the envelope and asked the worker there to fill the box with the appropriate colored balloons!  We then brought the box home, decorate the outside a little bit and decided to open it in the room that will be the nursery! We opened up the box and found out that


Here is the video we made:

I was so excited! I had sort of been hoping for a girl, but as soon as I saw those blue balloons I was nothing but thrilled!! I can't even wait for all the fun things we will be able to do with him!  We had a gender reveal party a few days later and made cupcakes with blue frosting in the middle for everyone to bite into! It was a lot of fun!

As far as names go:  We know his middle name will be Jonathan but that is all we are sure of right now. Naming a person is hard!!

So here I am, halfway through my pregnancy and happy as can be!!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

|{ Playing Catch Up }|

So let's see. Jon is still working in lab and is crazy busy!! He is still there every single day and even does work most of the time when he comes home! It is going well though! He has 2 papers published and he is first author on both! He is also about to submit I think 3 more. He went to the American Burn Association Conference in California where he gave 2 presentations and he also got the student award for Outstanding Research!

He did decide to do a second year of research and will start his 3rd year of medical school in 2014!

I've been working, still doing massage. I left my last job at Massage By Sandy & Company when my boss was no longer able to pay me on a regular basis and I started working at Bellanina Day Spa! It's right in downtown Ann Arbor and I LOVE IT!! It's a wonderful place with great coworkers/boss and good clients too (who also tip well!) Oh, and Darren Criss (plays Blain on Glee) was my client one day...yes he was!! It was the most exciting thing ever!!

And that has pretty much been our lives the last few months, not too much to talk about. Just working working working all the time!

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|{ My Man Turns 28 }|

Wow, have I really not posted anything since the beginning of February? Maybe I can try to get back into the swing of things and play a little catch up!

First off, yesterday was Jonathan's birthday! He turned 28!! It worked out perfectly because Tuesday just happens to be my day off and he took the day off of lab so we got to spend the entire day together! Jon had the whole day planned out (which saved me from doing it, so that was nice. Birthday always make me panic.).

A few days before we went out to dinner with our awesome friends, Jawad and Jacob, for a birthday dinner at the Green Dot and had sliders! So fun and yummy!! Then we went and saw The Great Gatsby! We always love hanging out with those two, best people ever!! :)

So on the day of his birthday we set our alarm to get up in the morning, hit the snooze, and cuddled/slept for a bit longer (yes, even the snooze part was part of his planned day). Then we opened presents.  I got him all the current seasons of Community, a box of his favorite cereal (that he never buys because it's too expensive), and a 'Greendale Delta Cubes' T-shirt! Once we were up and dressed and ready to go we went to Angelo's for breakfast! We ALWAYS go to Angelo's on our birthdays...and we always get the same thing. Haha. It was as delicious as ever!

Then we went and did some shopping! Jon got some new clothes and we went over to the Salvation Army and got a few more things (I even got a few baby things!). It was pretty fun, I love shopping with Jon, he's a great shopping buddy. Then we went to Bubble Island to get bubble tea and then I took him to my work where I gave him an exfoliating back treatment.  The boy LOVES to get his back scratched, so I knew he would love it, plus he finally got to see inside where I work!

After that we got some lunch at Great Plains Burger Company and then headed out to finish the garden. This was what Jon was most excited for and he just loved it! We finally finished it and started to plant some things in it! Next week we'll be able to put in our seedlings! It looks great! He did an amazing job!  For dinner he wanted me to make him chicken pillows and we also had carrot cake while we watched Arrested Development (where trying to watch them all again before the new season comes out).

It was a great day and he just loved it! He's my favorite person in the world! It was even worth it to get the mosquito bites while in the garden.

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Thursday, February 07, 2013

|{ Silly Boy Of Mine }|

I came home to this the other day. It makes me laugh! Every time we have cookies Jonathan does this! Takes a bite of a cookie and then leaves it there! It's too funny! I remember thinking that he better stop doing this when we have kids. Then I changed my mind. There are obviously some things we should not do in front of our children but I realized that I always want our children to know who we really are. I want them to remember our little quirks. To have those things that drive them batty while they are living with us but that they look back on with fond memories. I want my children to know their parents. I don't want to hide that. My husband makes me laugh with things like this! I adore that man!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

|{ Gullible... }|

I am usually a fairly skeptical person. I don't believe everything I'm told and question a lot of things.

But I have found that there are 2 people in my life who I trust enough to believe everything they tell me....and they LOVE to take advantage of that!!

Those 2 people are my Dad and my Husband. They are so good and keeping a straight face and using a very believable tone when they speak that it doesn't matter what they are saying, I will believe them! Good thing they always tell me they are kidding...eventually.

Example: Last night in bed

Me: According to the groundhog there is going to be an early spring this year.

Jon: Oh yeah? Those crazy religion of the groundhog people.

Me: That's part of a religion? That's random.

Jon: Yeah.

Me: Then why is there a famous groundhog that is the one who determines it?

Jon: He's the king of the groundhogs.

Me: The king of the groundhogs? People really believe that?!

Jon: Well you believe there is a religion who worships the king of the groundhogs...

Me: Oh....

I mean really? Can I really be that gullible? Apparently yes, yes I can.

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Monday, February 04, 2013

|{ Foggy Afternoon }|

A few days ago we had this lovely fog that lasted ALL day! It was so cool! I made a point to get a photo of it since I haven't been using my camera as often as I would like. I'm glad I had it with me and that I was able to capture the fog as well as I wanted to! I LOVE fog!!

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Friday, February 01, 2013

|{ New Years In Arizona }|

After Utah we flew down to Arizona to spend New Years with my family!

The day after we got there we woke up to the smell of bacon and my Dad slamming doors downstairs to wake us up. Jon says 'Whose mad?'. I smile and say, 'No one! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!' So we headed downstairs for our fake Christmas!

Traditional Christmas breakfast!

The envelope on the tree started our treasure hunt for our gifts! It was a blast!!

The gift we got for my Dad! This was a once in a lifetime find! We bought it back in there summer and we were so excited to give it to him!

Looking at my Mom in awe!

He loved it! Yay!

On New Years Eve we played this fun marathon game thing. We had 3 different games going and every 2 minutes we would rotate down the table and end up on a different game. It was really fun!

Sparkling cider with rock candy to color it! Fun!

We did a boil! SO spicy! We were all dying!

We went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights! Dad brought hot cocoa for everyone, it was hot apparently. I love candid shots! :)
Also it was raining, so I used our little point-and-shoot again. Apparently the Christmas lights this year did not want good photos taken of them. 

Funny sign!

And we got to see the Rainwaters!! Gosh I miss them!

My sister graciously took some photos of Jon and I! :)

For our 5 year wedding anniversary we duplicated some of our wedding photos! 

Other things we didn't take photos of: We made sushi for my Dad and everyone tried it! Mom even liked it! Woohoo!! We made Italian for everyone! We played Dr. Mario!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

|{ Christmas In Utah }|

For Christmas we spent a week in Utah with Jonathan's family! It was so fun to be able to spend the time with them. We had a wonderful Christmas and we miss them all already!

We were babysitting Ethan while everyone else went to see The Hobbit (since we had already seen it) and after running around for a bit he had fun watching his uncles play Smash Bros. 

On Christmas Eve we had our Italian dinner:

Figuring the cooking schedule for the day!

Risotto for Aranchini

Angela was a HUGE help!! (So was Mom!! THANK YOU!)

What the boys did while we cooked

Homemade Ragu....Yummmmm

Baked pasta!

Rosemary for the foccacia



Dad didn't like the Orzo so much! :)

And after dinner?? Back to video games! Seriously, these two did this all week! It was actually pretty endearing since Ben just got back from his mission. He was definitely missed by his big brother!

Christmas morning:


Ethan opening his legos from us!

Angela gave us a 'Totally Useless Card. This card gave us 0 presents,' Haha! She's so funny!

After presents mess!

The boys played ping pong

We watched.

We got to meet Kallie!! We were sad she wasn't there in person but Skype is the next best thing! :)

And we even got to see Temple Square!

p.s. My photo and editing skills have completely gone out the window this year (assuming I had any to begin with)

Things we didn't get photos of.. :(... We got to see my brother and his wife!! They made us an awesome Christmas Ham dinner!! YUM!! It was so awesome to see them! We also went to The Pie and met up with my bestie Mercede and her boyfriend there! I miss her to pieces! She was looking as beautiful as ever of course. 

Things we ran out of time to do: See Madame Baigue (which I REALLY REALLY wanted to do), sledding (both time and lack of proper snow apparel kept us from this), and there were other friend who I had hoped to see as well. Alas, a week is not enough time and when you only get to spend once a year with your family, that time is precious. I love you all and I'm sorry I couldn't see you! 

Next Up: Our week in Arizona!

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