Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bowling and Baseball

We have had a lot of good times this summer! The other night Jon and I went with a few other couples to go bowling. We went at 12:30 at night because it's cheaper. It was fun, even though we were tired! I did okay, not great, but okay. The point was that it was a really good time and we got to spend it with some great people!

Last night we went to the Giants baseball game with everyone in the office, okay, almost everyone. They guys had earned it in a competition with another office! It was so much fun! The Giants really sucked though. There was this guy behind us that kept doing cheers/chants. He was really funny and we ended up having a really good time with him. There were lots of laughs and it wasn't quite as cold as it usually is when we go to San Francisco! On the way down we listened to a variety of music that Ethan and Misty were introducing us to. It was great!

Also, my snake is starting to shed for the first time since we got her! I'm really excited about it! She's the coolest! So, things are going fabulously. I've been thinking a lot about my family and I hope they are doing okay. I worry about them a lot.

It has been 2 weeks, as of today, since I took my test, so I should find out how I did any day now! I can't wait!


  1. you know what's kind of funny? when I read your blog posts (and it's only you I do this with) I read it in my head in your voice. Like you were reading it to me. I don't know why. I think it might be because you write exactly how you talk and so it just makes more sense to hear it in your voice. It's funny though. And you are seriously the only person I do that with. Crazy.

  2. Haha. That's funny! I'm just glad to know that people read them! ;)