Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Family Visits

Last week Jon's family came to visit us here is California! (Sarah didn't come, but everyone else did). They stayed for a few days but Jon still had to work, so it was just me and them for most of the week/weekend. They got here on Wednesday night and we went to Six Flags on Thursday. I really wasn't in the mood to go to Six Flags again, since Jon had been there only 2 weeks earlier, but I did, however, want to spend time with my in-laws. I am really glad that I decided to go. We had a good time and it was nice to have the bonding opportunity.

On Friday we just hung out during the day and went to the pool for a bit and Jon was able to come home early from work, so we went out to dinner together. We went to this great restaurant called Wasabi. It's like Teppenyaki and Benihana where they cook in front of you. The food was great! Jon's family had never been to a restaurant like that before so it was fun to see them enjoy it for the first time. Our cook was pretty creative too, it was fun!

On Saturday we went to the park to have a picnic for lunch. It was amazingly hot outside and I felt really bad that Jon still had to be out there all day in the sun talking to strangers. We played Frisbee for a bit until we couldn't handle the heat anymore. We spent the rest of the day inside until Jon got home. We had chicken fettuccine alfredo for dinner and then went to the park again (this time with Jon) and played some more Frisbee. Jon and I took off our flip flops and our feet started to turn orange. I'm still not sure whether it was just the dirt that was under the grass or whether is was something else, like some sort of pesticide or something... Jon ended up getting a charlie horse and left with Ben to play Nintendo while the rest of stayed to play. We played until the sprinklers turned on and we were forced to leave. It was a good time.

On Sunday, his parents made pancakes for us for breakfast and then they went to Sacrament meeting with us before they left. I'm really glad they came. We had a really nice time!

Jon and I are planning on taking a cruise in August! It's about halfway through the time that we will be out here and it will be such a nice vacation! No stress at all, just fun. We got it officially booked a few days ago! We are leaving on August 8th and coming back on August 13th! The ship is going to down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! I'm so excited! Neither of us have ever been on a cruise before! It's going to be fabulous!!

Also, I didn't pass my medical transcriptioning test. I did well on the first section but I have to take the second part again. So, now it's back to studying for at least another week before I can take my test again. I really hope I pass this time, I only have 3 chances and that would REALLY suck if I didn't pass... so we'll see...

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  1. Sounds like you've had a bunch of fun! I'm actually quite jealous. And good luck on your test!!