Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reptiles Galore

Jon and I have been looking forward to the reptile show since almost the beginning of the summer and it finally came to Sacramento last weekend!!!

So we took some time to go on a date and go see some little critters!! There were SO many reptiles! They had snakes, lizards, tarantulas (*shudder*), frogs, turtles, bugs (*shudder*) and even some scorpions!! It was so cool!! The snake that we have, to remind you, is a Taiwan Beauty Ratsnake and the place that we got her from was one of the vendors there. They were also the ONLY vendors that even had that kind of snake and there were only a few! We are so proud to have a snake that isn't super common! It's way cool!!

We also saw a bunch of snakes and lizards that we want to have eventually, including some that can't be held because they are dangerous! We started to plan out a whole room (probably Jon's office) where we would display all of them!! One of my favorite things about reptiles is that they are pretty easy to care for and they DON'T STINK!! ;) Walking into that huge convention center filled with so many animals and it didn't smell bad at all!! Awesome!!

We also saw some awesomely adorable and cool dart frogs and have decided to get a few different kinds eventually. Unfortunately, (fun fact) they can't actually be put into the same tank together, weird huh? Oh well. Anyway, it was WAY super fun and I'm even more excited for when Legion gets big now!! I love snakes!!

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