Monday, October 12, 2009

Looking Back

I was looking through some of our pictures from last year the other day which I had not done in a while. It was a lot of fun to go back and remember some of things that I had forgotten.


Jon's first summer. I surprised him by coming down to visit him without him knowing. He took me to San Francisco. This is my first time at the Italian restaurant Pante Rei.

This is at Erick and Kira's wedding! I love them!! And yes, that is me in the front jumping as high as I can to get the bouquet, I really wanted it, and yes, I missed.

Jon left my house around midnight or so and quite a while after he got home he called me. His car, which he was not in at the time, had been hit by a drunk Mexican driver. It really sucked!!

Just after Jon proposed. We were kitty corner at city creek park so we walked over to temple square to take pictures! So happy!!

Every fall my family goes up to this same spot in the mountains. We eat chili and enjoy the fall colors. It was a lot of fun!! We loved just being silly.

Okay, you might have to click on this picture to see it, but, OH MY GOSH! Look at my shoes, white socks with my black flats and my hair pulled back tight!! What was I thinking!! And I did it ALL the time!! *rolls eyes are herself*


Our first Christmas together!!

Our first New Years kiss!!

Just after we got Zephyr, when we thought he was a girl and had named him Zephora, he loved sitting on the laptop because it was warm. Isn't he just adorable?


Jon with a few of the guys at the beach. All of them are amazing pasty white!! Haha!!

Shortly after we got Asrielle. She did this to herself, we didn't put her there. LOL!

END OF 2008

We were secret agents for Halloween!!

Jon attempting to chop wood at the Kranenburg's! Haha!

Our snacks for the U of U vs. BYU game that we watched on our anniversary trip!

Fishing on our anniversary! Way fun!!

And we still like each other and go on dates! ;)

It's a lot of fun to look back sometimes and remember what you used to be like. We are still so in love!!