Thursday, January 21, 2010

Part IV: Florence

I think that Florence was one of my favorite places in Italy! It is so beautiful and has some great things that are close by. It's a clean city, especially compared to others that we went to, like Naples. I really liked it. It rained most of the time we were there. But that's okay.

We didn't have any problems getting to Florence, which was a relief. On our first day there we checked into the hotel and then went to see the Duomo. It was a great cathedral! We got there just a little too late to be able to go to the top so we just wandered around Florence that night. We got to see the markets there, they have tons! It was great.

The next morning we got up early so we could go to Piazza Michelangelo while the sun was rising. We got there a little late, but it was pretty cloudy so there wasn't really much to see. The Piazza was AMAZING!! It sits on a big, beautiful, green hill that looks out over the city. The gardens around it were so pretty, even in the winter! Florence is such a pretty city!! The bridge that is in the Mona Lisa painting is in Florence and we walked across it! It was great! We got some gelato even though it was pretty cold! Then we went to see the David statue, it was always really cool to see all of the really famous things that you hear about all the time! Then we went back to the Duomo and climbed to the top, we climbed up a lot of tall things on our trip, it was pretty hard, I would not suggest it to someone who is really claustrophobic! It was such a great view though! Florence is SO pretty!!

After that we made our way to Pisa. It was kind of funny, it really wasn't a long trip. We got on a train, took a bus to the tower, saw the tower, got back on the bus, then on a train and we were back. The tower was really cool though! It was next to a really pretty cathedral and they were surrounded by a big stone wall and a big field of some of the greenest grass I have seen! It was fantastic!! Instead of taking the classic picture of holding up the tower, we decided to take pictures of all of the other people taking the picture, it was fun!!

The next day we went to Siena! I just adored Siena as well!!! We went to the Piazza Campo where they have a huge clock tower! It's also where they do the horse races that are so famous there (the same horse race that is at the beginning of Casino Royale... I'm pretty sure it's Casino Royale and not Quantum of Solace....oh well). It was really cool!! We went to the top of the tower there and I saw one of the most amazing views of our trip! Siena is surrounded by a stone wall and outside of it is hills and fields! It was SO green and so gorgeous I could barely believe it!! We were there in the morning and with the light fog and the city... it was honestly one of the most beautiful things I have even seen!! For a couple of minutes we were up there by ourselves, it was super romantic and special. After that we went to the Duomo there, it was really cool, part of it was striped with black and white stone, it was really cool looking!

And that was Florence, I kind of wish we would have had a little more time there! It was definitely one of my favorites!!

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