Saturday, January 23, 2010

Part VI: Cagliari

fter our terrible boat ride we were glad to be back on dry ground! We arrived in the city of Cagliari on the island of Sardegna! Cagliari was amazing!!! Definitely one of my favorite places! It was so beautiful and so much warmer than any of the other places we went to! It was so nice and sunny too, no rain! It was fantastic!

We checked into our hotel and quickly left again to go and see the city!! We walked up this street that is filled with shops and is usually pretty busy, but we got there at lunch time on a Sunday so it was completely deserted! It was kind of funny, it felt like we weren't supposed to be there. Jon was pretty surprised to see it so empty. We then went up to the St. Remy arch! It was so pretty, you got to walk up some marble stairs and could see the city from the top, it was amazingly gorgeous!! It was so nice to see the sun shining on the ocean, stunning! After that we walked down to the markets by the pier and just enjoyed the city!

The next day we went to a food market to get some things for lunch. We saw the apartment building that Jon lived in as a missionary. The food market was the same one that he went to all the time on his mission. He was so excited to see it again! We got some bread, cheese, olives, fruits, and a little bit of cured meat. After that we rented a motor scooter!!! It was surprisingly inexpensive, which was really nice! We rode the scooter to a beautiful beach, it was SO much fun and the beach was so nice and pretty! We ate our lunch on a bench by the beach and then went and enjoyed the beach, as much as we could during the winter anyway. We walked along the shore and looked for shells and just enjoyed it. After that we drove up to an amazing park up on a hill, it had an amazing view (we saw a lot of great views on our trip) and there was a cool statue there too. Then we had to go back so we could return the scooter. We had such an amazing time!! I felt like we were in a romance movie, it was so romantic and fun! We loved it!!

Right after we returned it we had to head over to our ship to head on to the next city. Our ship was smaller than the one we had been on before but the storm was over so it was a much better ride. Except our bathroom smelled terrible! I decided that my least favorite mode of travel is ships, yuck! We were sad to leave Cagliari, we both had a fantastic time and we wished that we had had more time to spend there! It was fantastic!!This is the "No Fun Allowed" sign we saw. No dogs, no soccer, no basketball, no tennis, no volleyball, no bocce ball, no soliciting, no scooters, no fires, no fishing, no camping.
No bocce ball?.... Really?

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