Monday, February 08, 2010

2-in-1 Dessert

I haven't cooked anything off of my list for a few days. That tends to happen when you don't have a place to call your own. I sure do miss all my kitchen gadgets!

But today, the greatest thing happened! My sister said, "Shalay, make dessert!" then my husband quickly joined in. "Yeah, DESSERT!!" They continued to nag me for a few minutes as I looked on my list to see what desserts I had on them. I agreed and they cheered. It made me so happy! It is such a great feeling to know that people like your food enough to ask you for it! Two summers ago, Jon's 2 best friends came out with us to sell and about once a week or so they would come over for pasta night. They always wanted me to make Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. I offered to make something else, it's not hard to make, but that is what they always wanted! It's the best feeling!!

So, for dessert I decided to make 2 things! I made Margarita Bites, which you can make with either tequila or water, I chose water. I also made Meringue cookies!

The Margarita Bites are super simple! It's mostly just fancy jello. But they turned out to be pleasantly cute and refreshing! I really enjoyed it! The cookies were harder, meringue can be pretty touchy but they turned out fantastic! They are so light and they just melt in your mouth!! I really loved them and, luckily, so did my family!!

It felt great to make more food for them and I am even more excited to continue this project! I am anxious to make something other than sweets too! Haha!

The recipe for Margarita Bites can be found on and the recipe for meringue cookies I found in my America's Test Kitchen book!

If you ever see a recipe that you would like to try, please let me know and I can send it to you!

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  1. I love Merengue cookies. We used to always make them growing up. Are you guys back in Idaho right now. All I remember is that you guys staied out after the summer for a couple of months to sell.