Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So, it's coming up on a month since I've posted but I've been pretty busy this Holiday season, as I'm sure all of you have been as well!

After our anniversary we headed to Utah to spend Thanksgiving with our families!! The first week there was super busy!! We ate 2 Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving day, my brother proposed to his girlfriend (on Thanksgiving) and I took their engagement pictures (to be posted soon), we visited lots of friends, we went to my brother-in-law's farewell and he left for the MTC (he is doing awesome there!!), we went out on date, spent tons of time with our families, and we went Black Friday shopping!!

I know I could go into detail about pretty much everything but I don't want to take the time to do that, so I'll just say that is was super awesome!! It was great to see everybody! We had a blast!!  Then on Sunday Jonathan flew home and I didn't.  I spent the next 2 weeks working from my parents house, trying to spend as much time with my family as possible, visiting more friends, seeing Harry Potter again, and went to a wedding, which was the reason why I stayed for so long!! The wedding was amazing!! I love Josh and Taleya and I know they are going to be so happy together!! See there pictures HERE!! It was great to spend the entire day with them, and they day before!! It made the fact that I had to be away from my husband for 2 weeks worth it!

Then I got to fly home, alone (yuck!), and got to Michigan just in time to be apart of the first snow storm of the season!! Which was really bad and it took us forever to get home because the roads were so icey but it was so fun anyway!! Awesome storm!!

I am so happy to be home! Jon and I are closer than ever, being apart does that to a couple! :) And then on Monday we had our traditional yearly Italian dinner!! We invited 4 couples.  2 from church and 2 from school and they are all so awesome!! It felt good to really feel like we were making great friends out here!! And after 3 days straight of cooking, the dinner was AMAZING!! Everyone really enjoyed it!!

So now I am here with my husband, who is done with school for the break, and enjoying every Christmas-y moment we can get!! I can't wait for Christmas (even if I do still have to work that day :P)

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  1. Haha:) thats great love! I'm so glad you had so much fun on your trip.