Monday, January 03, 2011

Jon's Projects

While I was in Utah Jon spent a lot of time working on things around the house to keep him busy! This is what he did!

He decorated the guest bathroom.

He put up some Christmas decorations and finished decorating the house!
He put up the snowflakes on the sidewalk, the red lighted wreath on the door, and he made the big star on the side of the house!! :)

He also finished decorating our bedroom!
He painted the bed frame black and green.  (The colors for our room are black, gray, red, and green.) And he put the painted frame around the design behind the bed.  He also put up the mirrors on the side.

Then he painted my cedar chest so that it would match.

And he painted this!!! It stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus ("The Senate and People of Rome") and it is something that we saw all over Rome! He has never painted before! Didn't he do great!

He also did tons of organizing everywhere and a few other little things that were just awesome!! He did something in almost every room in the house!! What a great husband I have!! :) I just love him so much!!

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