Friday, March 25, 2011

|{ Selfie Saturday- Self Love }|

So this is week 8 of the Selfie Saturdays challenge but as you already know, this is my first week doing it!!! I am so excited!!

I think this photo turned out pretty well for my first real selfie photo shoot! I tried a little to do the model eyes from the previous challenge but I kept forgetting and these photos aren't really close enough to really tell anyway.  I do want to do a model eyes photo though, so I will hopefully get to that soon! :) I just feel like I'm doing it wrong, haha!  It reminds me of America's Next Top Model 'smize'!

This week's challenge was a Self Love photo, a photo of you holding a sign that says "I am beautiful."  I liked this challenge, it reminded to see myself for the beauty that I have even though sometimes I don't feel it.  It also reminded me that you don't have to be what the world considers beautiful to really be beautiful!!

Also, my mom decided to join me for Selfie Saturdays and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! It is going to be so much fun to do this together and motivate each other!! Yay!

Here is my picture of this week!!  Click to make it larger.

This challenge also reminded me of the new Lady Gaga song 'Born This Way' where she says "I'm beautiful in my way cause God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way."

So it made sense to me to take this photo too! :)

Put your paws up Little Monsters!! :)

So there we go, my first week of Selfie Saturdays!! I can't wait for next week!! The theme is Focus. 



  1. So creative! Love it!

  2. GREAT idea with the triptych! Congrats on joining up!

  3. I LOVE those- so creative & YES- you are beautiful. I especially love the last one

  4. I love the collage! That's a great idea! You look great, girl!
    And loving the claw :)