Friday, July 13, 2012

|{ The Time Our Family Came To Michigan }|

At the end of June we got a visit from Jonathan's parents and his little sister, Angela! Their decision to come out was kind of sudden but we couldn't have been happier that they were finally going to come to Michigan to see us!! They drove all the way from Utah, which took them 2 days, and they stayed for about a week and half!!

We had such a great time with them while they were here! We went to a few big parks and took walks.  It is cool that there are places like that even right in the middle of town.  One of things I love about Michigan is that I can feel like I'm in the middle of the woods right in the middle of Ann Arbor.  We had a campfire one night and made tin foil dinners and s'mores, as well as had a good time with some masked visitors.  We went to the Henry Ford Museum.  We even took a trip up to Palmyra, New York to see some church historical sites like the Hill Cumorah and the Sacred Grove.  It was really special to see all those places that we have always only heard about.  I'm really glad to have finally been able to see it!

Little tiny turtles at Geddes Park

Making paper airplanes at the museum

All in the same position, haha!

Teasing his little sister

Now tell me that is not the cutest face ever!

On the 4th of July we went up to Jonathan's aunt's parents house and spent some time with his uncle and cousins.  They live on a lake and we were able to go out on the boat! Jon went water skiing and even stood up once! :)  It looked hard and I'm scared of being in the water in lakes...too dark... I did go tubing though! That was a lot of fun!!! That evening we bought some fountain fireworks and did them in the front yard.  I was really grateful to Jon for making sure we did fireworks.  I LOVE the Fourth of July!!

At the Hill Cumorah

Palmyra Temple

In front of the original painting

Tubing, I did NOT want to fall in the water, haha!

Other things we did:  Catching fireflies with Angela, ate lots of pizza, went swimming at the hotel in Palmyra, played Plants vs Zombies, and had a lot of fun with our family!!

Thanks for coming out guys! It was so great to see you!!

Also, my parents just bought a house in Arizona!!! They are so excited! I am so excited for them! I love Arizona!! They are planning to be heading down there by the end of the month!! CRAZY!!! I can't wait to go and visit them down there!!

Jonathan has officially decided to take this year to do research and to continue with school next May.  He is working in a really great lab that should be able to help him get some papers published, which will be great for when he applies for residency! I am so proud of him! He is super busy but he still takes the time to do things with his wife! :)

I am in the last stretch of school.  We are currently learning Neuromuscular Therapy and once we are done with that we are DONE! It's crazy!! I'm starting to realize how much I am going to miss my classmates! It's really incredible how close you get to people in only a year! I take my final on August 16th and then, assuming I pass, we have nothing to do until the day of graduation on September 8th! I am planning on getting certified in hot stone massage in the beginning of August and then in prenatal massage at the end of September and then I just need to take my National Certification exam and I'll be ready to rock and roll! Though I am planning on trying to find a job before I graduate!

So, life is sure busy, but it is GREAT!! Things are just wonderful here in the Peterson household!!

p.s. We are babysitting this little dude for the summer! His name is Kyle and he is so adorable!! :)

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