Friday, February 01, 2013

|{ New Years In Arizona }|

After Utah we flew down to Arizona to spend New Years with my family!

The day after we got there we woke up to the smell of bacon and my Dad slamming doors downstairs to wake us up. Jon says 'Whose mad?'. I smile and say, 'No one! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!' So we headed downstairs for our fake Christmas!

Traditional Christmas breakfast!

The envelope on the tree started our treasure hunt for our gifts! It was a blast!!

The gift we got for my Dad! This was a once in a lifetime find! We bought it back in there summer and we were so excited to give it to him!

Looking at my Mom in awe!

He loved it! Yay!

On New Years Eve we played this fun marathon game thing. We had 3 different games going and every 2 minutes we would rotate down the table and end up on a different game. It was really fun!

Sparkling cider with rock candy to color it! Fun!

We did a boil! SO spicy! We were all dying!

We went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights! Dad brought hot cocoa for everyone, it was hot apparently. I love candid shots! :)
Also it was raining, so I used our little point-and-shoot again. Apparently the Christmas lights this year did not want good photos taken of them. 

Funny sign!

And we got to see the Rainwaters!! Gosh I miss them!

My sister graciously took some photos of Jon and I! :)

For our 5 year wedding anniversary we duplicated some of our wedding photos! 

Other things we didn't take photos of: We made sushi for my Dad and everyone tried it! Mom even liked it! Woohoo!! We made Italian for everyone! We played Dr. Mario!

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