Wednesday, April 01, 2009

How Frustrating...

So, we found out yesterday that Jon didn't accepted to the University of Utah Medical School. Jon was really unhappy about it! I mean, who do they think they are?! He went to school there for his entire pre-med program, always got A's, and they aren't even a very good school!! They are tied for #49 in the country!! Michigan is #11 and they accepted Jon!! Not to mention that their application was insane! It was way to hard and too long to be for a school with that low of a ranking!

It was really frustrating. Not that we really wanted to go there or anything, because we don't. But if we would have got accepted there then Michigan would have offered us more money to go to their school. Now we are worried that Michigan will offer us next to nothing and we will have to pay our entire way through school there. We are happy to be going to Michigan, Jon has always wanted to go there even before he applied, but it is a little unnerving to think that he only got accepted to Michigan. What if they had denied him too, then he wouldn't have gotten accepted anywhere... We wouldn't have a school to go to. What would we have done? Worked for Pinnacle another year and filled out the applications again!? They cost so much just to fill out! It's a scary thought and I am really grateful that they did accept him. Though Jon is feeling like they will see that he didn't get accepted anywhere else and they will wonder why they accepted him. Though even if they did, they can't take away his acceptance...right?...

I just felt so bad for Jon... I don't understand why all of the other schools turned him down. He's a great student! He's really smart! Why weren't they impressed?! I just don't get it... Not to mention, how do you comfort someone who got rejected so many times! I certainly did my best and he felt better by the end of the night, but it still has to be nagging at him. He is so wonderful. I love him so much. We are so excited to go out to Michigan! It sounds like a really great place!

Tomorrow night we are heading out to California for the weekend so that Jon can help get the office set up for the summer and do some selling! I can't wait to see our apartment!!


  1. Have a wonderful time on your trip, hope you like your California apartment. Travel Safe!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a sad story! That makes me feel a little sick inside. I hope things work out for you. Hopefully, schools will even consider me. --Eldon