Sunday, April 19, 2009

That's What She Said


Seeing as this is such a big deal to us, I decided that I needed to spend some time talking about this fabulous TV show!!

The Office is the greatest! I never watched it until I met Jon. He really loved it and watched it all the time. In fact, he used to skip class to watch it with one of his friends on his Ipod! Haha! I remember the first time I saw it. We went over to one of his friends house. The episode was (Women's Appreciation), when Phyllis gets flashed in the parking lot.. It definitely was not the best one for a first impression, but was still willing to give it a shot. I didn't love it at first, probably due to that first impression, but I soon grew to love it!! We watch it EVER week without fail! Sometimes we have to watch it online later, but we ALWAYS watch it!!

It is SO funny!! I love everything about it! One of my favorite characters (besides all the main ones like Dwight and Jim) is Angela! Weird huh?! I don't know what it is about her, but I just think she is so fun to watch. I LOVED the episode with her cats on the webcam (Lecture Circuit: Part 2)! HAHA! That was hilarious!!

Some of my favorite episodes are:
Season 1: The Alliance.
Season 2: Office Olympics, The Client (mostly due to Michael's screeplay), The Injury, Drug Testing, Conflict Resolution.
Season 3: The Merger, Ben Franklin, Business School, Beach Games.
Season 4: Fun Run, Dinner Party, The Chair Model, Did I Stutter, Goodbye Toby.
Season 5: Weight loss, Baby Shower, Customer Survey, The Duel, Prince Family Paper, Golden Ticket, Two Weeks, Heavy Competition.

Our weekly TV show schedule:
Monday: House M.D. Simply fabulous! You gotta love House!! Haha! And Hugh Laurie... very attractive in a rugged, older man kind of way. I mean, he's English who fakes an American accent! Who knew?! Love it! And Chase with his sexy Australian accent! Rawr!!

Tuesday: The Mentalist. Totally amazing! Very creative, a bit different then your normal CSI type show. Patrick Jane is absolutely fantastic to watch! He is so funny, and that smile.... I just can't help but smile back at him! So cute!

Wednesday: Lie To Me. STUNNING! This is such a cool show! I especially like that it is all based on fact, none of the techniques are made up. All of the things they say about people lying is totally true! And again, we have a great main character. Dr. Lightman is just awesome! It's a new show, so we are still getting to know the characters, but I just LOVE it!

Thursday: The Office! Which I have already talked about!

That's it for the week! We love our TV schedule! It's so much fun to be excited about the shows we watch on TV. The Office is our favorite, but we love all our shows!

Until next time... the show must go on!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! Lie To Me is GREAT!!!! I love love love that show!! And I love how they show real life things that happen, and compare it to what's going on in the show. I absolutely LOVE it!! :D
    And The Office is good too. But I just have never gotten into it. But I do watch it if I want a good laugh.