Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Times Coming Around

Jonathan had an AMAZING week last week!! He sold 15 systems! The week before he only got 5! He never had a day where he did not get a sale, and he didn't even have any days where he sold only 1! It was just wonderful! I'm so proud of him! It is definitely encouraging and makes the thought of the rest of the summer even better! It also makes us a lot more confident about our choice to stay out here for another year! It is really going to be a good opportunity for us and I am excited for this next year!! Jon also already has 2 sales today! He has not had a day where he didn't sale anything for the past 9 selling days! That is so awesome!

Jon also decided that since we'll have the extra time, he wants to extend our Italy trip in December. He said it would be cheaper if we left a week earlier and came back a week later due to the holidays. So, we have extended our trip so that we leave on December 14th and come back on January 14th! A whole month vacation! It is going to be absolutely amazing!! I am really glad that we have the opportunity to do this, to be able to look back on our lives in 50 years and know that we got to do something like this, we might not ever get this change again! We still need to actually book everything, but we have a lot of it planned. We'll fly to New York for a few days, then spend a few days in Paris and a few days in London before heading to Italy! We'll be taking the train all of the time, except for when we take a boat to the island. We'll be spending Christmas and New Years with some of the members that Jon knew on his mission. I am WAY excited for our trip and I'm planning on spending a little of time figuring out the best way to take pictures so that we can remember it all well!! We are also planning on taking a road trip sometime around Octoberish when we'll be getting ready to move so we can start working with a Pinnacle year round office. That's going to be really fun as well!

My family is coming to visit in a few weeks! They'll be here June 6th and I can't wait. We still aren't entirely sure what we'll do with them while they are here, but I am so excited to have them here! I really miss them! They decided to move back to Utah, which they hope to do by the beginning of July. I'm a little surprised that they decided to do that, but I know they'll be happier! I just wish they had decided that while I was there to enjoy them! Haha. But we have great memories down in Arizona that I wouldn't trade for the world!!

I'm having a great time out here in Elk Grove! It's so fun! The schedule is hard to get used to, but we work hard and play hard. School is going well. I should be done is a few weeks! I just hope that finding a job won't be too hard. Our kitties had a hard time getting used to being out here. Zephyr got real quiet and shy for a while and Asrielle could do nothing but wander around and cry for attention. They are doing better now though. I'm having a good time with the people out here! There are all amazing!! I've gotten to spend a lot of time with Ethan and Misty! I am SO glad that they decided to come out with us! We have so much fun with them! Misty is due to have her baby in 6 weeks! I'm way excited for them! I've also enjoyed spending time with the other wives and ladies! They're the greatest and I'm glad I get to spend the summer with such wonderful people!!

OH! And thank you so much Mom and Dad Peterson for fixing our laptop! I had spilled a drink on it last summer and lost everything we had on it! Including pictures of our first year of marriage! I don't know how he did it but Dad fixed it! We took it to professionals who couldn't do anything with it! Now, not only do we get our files back but the laptop works just fine! I can't wait to get it back!! I'm just amazed! I'm so glad they tried to fix instead of just giving it away to D.I. like we asked! You're the best!!!

So, lots of fun things to look forward too and I feel really blessed that they get to happen!

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