Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm Done!!

I finished taking my final test today and I am officially done with school!! I think I did alright on the test. I'll find out in about 2 weeks. I'm pretty nervous, it was kinda hard. It feels so good to be done with it though! I had until September to finish and I'm glad that I was able to finish a few months before that. It will give me extra time in case I need to retake my final... though I REALLY hope that I won't have to do it over again! I have to get 85% on both portions (separately) in order to pass. I am pretty nervous about it, but I'm trying not to worry. I have 2 weeks until I find out and I don't want to waste that free time worrying about my test!

I'm so grateful for Jon. He was super supportive and very excited for me! I really appreciate the encouragement that he gives me. He always believes in me, even when I don't believe in myself. After I find out that I passed the test (if indeed I did pass it) I will start looking for a job. I am pretty nervous about that and I hope it won't be too hard and that I will do well. Right now though, I just want to concentrate on the good feeling that I'm done with school!!

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