Monday, May 04, 2009

Our Last Weekend In Utah

Last weekend was full of activities with people that we won't get to see for a while. On Friday we spent the day with Jon's family. We went to the aquarium then had a BBQ and played games. We originally were going to go to the zoo, but decided on the aquarium when Jon's brother, who used to work at the aquarium, told us that we could get a personal tour of the back end of the aquarium that no one gets to see. We were pretty excited about it. Unfortunately, the guy who said he would give us the tour wasn't there so we just walked through the aquarium like everyone else. We were disappointed but it was still fun and we got to see the new part of the aquarium that wasn't there last time we went. That was neat. We had a really good time with his family! It was lots of fun!!

On Saturday we spent the day with Erick and Kira!! They came over and we had chips, salsa, guacamole, and limeade while we played a game. None of us had ever played it but it was really fun! It's called Imagine If! It was really fun! Then we played Guitar Hero until we got all Guitar Heroed out and waited for 7:45 to roll around so we could head to dinner! We were all very excited for dinner and waiting wasn't very easy. Finally, at 7:35, Jon decided he was done waiting so we left 10 minutes early! We went to Happy Sumo for dinner!! It's the last time we get to go before we move and it was great!! We had to wait for about 20 minutes before we could be seated so we went to Buckle and tried on hats and shoes! When they called we practically ran back to the restaurant!! We tried a lot of new rolls and got a few of our favorites! Each couple got 6 rolls of sushi, which made 12 at our small table of 4. Our waitress asked us if we really wanted that much. It was kinda funny, and yes, we ate every bite!! It was so delicious!! After dinner we went to the Off Broadway Theatre for their improv show called Laughing Stock. It was really funny and we had a such a great time!! Saying goodbye to our friends was really hard and I almost got emotional, but it's so nice to know that we'll stay in touch and that just because both of us are headed off to medical school doesn't mean our friendship is over. We love them so much!!

On Sunday we had Jon's family over for dinner, including his sister Sarah and her husband Adam, and Grandma and Grandpa too. We made Mexican burritos! There was SO much stuff! We started cooking about 4 hours before everyone showed up!! We did the burritos Chipotle/taco truck style and they were SO good! Everyone loved them! We also made limeade again! We've gone through about 10 pounds of limes in the last week on limeade alone! We've made it almost every night! It's delicious!! We also played a new game called 'Would You Rather...?.' It was lots of fun! We were really happy to see Adam and Sarah, and Grandma and Grandpa too. We know we won't get to see them for a while either.

So, all-in-all, it was a really great weekend! We had lots of fun and got to see lots of wonderful people! We are moving in about 5 days and are way excited!! Also, I don't have to worry about people coming to look through the house anymore! The bank has had 3 offers for the house and are working on those, so it's officially off the market now! We were happy to let people through and it wasn't too big of a deal, but it's nice to have it over with too!

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  1. It sounds like you guys had so much fun! Good luck with moving and everything! :D