Thursday, April 30, 2009

Video HQ

There is this fabulous movie rental store just down the street from us. It used to be a Hollywood Video, but then changed to a Video HQ. It's FABULOUS! You can rent movies for 49 cents a night!! And new releases are 99 cents a night!! Due to the extremely low prices, Jon and I go there A LOT!! We rent movies there at least once a week, sometimes more. You can't imagine the number of movies we have rented in the last few months. I'm really going to miss this store when we move. Not only is cheap, but since we go there so often at least half of the staff know who we are! I find that fact very satisfying! I like the feeling of being recognized by strangers. I suppose it's like the feeling of going to a coffee shop so much that the workers know what your 'regular' drink is. I really like it and I'm going to miss that as well. Jon and I have to decided to take advantage of this store as much as we can until we move! We're going to have a lot of at home movie dates in the new 2 weeks!

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