Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Graduation Gifts and The Office Nights

Jon surprised me with a graduation present! He told me a few days before I was going to be done that when I finished school he would buy me a snake!! We ended up getting it a few days before I was done though because we had to work around the crazy summer schedule!

I LOVE SNAKES!! I have always wanted one and it was such a great gift. It does kinda make me feel bad though, I'm terrible at giving gifts and I'm always afraid to spend too much money since it is Jon that is making it. Hopefully I'll get better at giving Jon gifts!

Anyway! My snake!! She is so awesome! She is a Taiwan Beauty Ratsnake! She is yellowish and black. Her pattern changes from her head to her tail, it's really cool!! We had her sexed so that we know she is a girl! We originally wanted a boy but then we found out that the girls get bigger, so we went with a girl instead. Her name is Legion! She is named after the demon in the bible that Christ cast into the swine. "I am Legion, for we are many." It's pretty much awesome. Before we even considered getting a snake we decided that when we eventually got one we wanted a name that had to do with demons or the devil. It makes sense since Eve was beguiled by the 'serpent' to eat the fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Anyways... I really like her! She is awesome! She is about 4 months old so she is pretty small, but she will get to be about 6 to 7 feet long. She won't get as fat as other snakes, but she'll definitely get bigger. We fed her a mouse for the first time the other day! It was the coolest thing ever! She ignored for a while and then started to follow it. She stuck out her tongue and got a little taste and that was all it took. She lunged and grabbed its foot and then wrapped her body around it and suffocated it until it died. After she was sure it was dead she let it go. After that we got a little worried because she didn't eat it for a while. So Jon got out the pliers and picked up the mouse so the movement would get her attention. It worked. She kept striking at it until she grabbed it by the head and then swallowed it! It was funny to see the big lump in her body after she finished with it. We put her back in her cage and in seconds she got herself stuck because the lump wouldn't fit through the small space in her branches that she was trying to get through. It was really funny! She's awesome and I love her so much!! Thanks honey for the fabulous present!!

Jon also got me a new desk and a new chair so I can be happy and comfortable when I start working! This gift was going to be after I got a job, but we decided that we needed a place to put the snake's terrarium, so we got it as a sort of second graduation gift. We had a lot of fun putting it together! Jon just loves to do stuff like that, it's like a special set of Legos, he just adores it! The desk is great, it's really nice to have a better place to work and to sit instead of at the kitchen table, that was getting a bit irritating! Thanks again babe!

Also, me and a few of the wives out here for the summer have decided to start a weekly 'The Office' night! We started today and watched the first few episodes of the first season! The first season is only 6 episodes long, so we'll be done come next week. Today was really fun. Misty, Lindsey, Heidi, and Alison came over and Lindsey brought cookie dough so we could make cookies too!! It was really nice to hang out with so many other people, especially because everyone of them except for Misty and I have babies, and Misty is pregnant. It's was nice to get out of the 'clique' feeling of the two groups. Wives that have babies and wives that don't. I'm glad we got to mix it up! I'm really excited to start this weekly thing! We decided that we'll probably do a potluck sort of dinner on those nights as well! I'm super excited!

The summer is going great! It's great to be done with school and Jon is doing well selling! He has also been training other guys and it seems to be helping them too! I'm really proud of him and I can't wait for my family to come visit me this weekend!!

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