Thursday, September 03, 2009

21 Years!!

My birthday was last Saturday and it was absolutely amazing!!! One of the very best!!! Matt and Kim came down to visit us and it was so wonderful to spend some time with them before they get married!! On my birthday Jon made me breakfast and then he had to go to work. Later we got together and went to see District 9!! It was pretty good, really different from most movies that are out now. It was cool!!

That evening we got together with Kevin and Rochele (along with Matt and Kim) and went to the state fair!! It was really fun! After that we got together with pretty much everyone that was still here for the summer and went out to Chevy's for dinner. Yum!! Jon got me lots of fantastic presents! I also got Pixar shorts from Matt and Kim, a shirt from my Dad, a necklace from Jessica, the game Partini from the Fillmore's and cards from our parents and my grandparents. Jon made me a cake that said 'Ferrari Rocks' on it!! He bought me the most awesome red heels and the color is Ferrari Red, so I guess that's my new nickname! Hehe! We spent the evening playing Scum with everyone! It was so wonderful!! Seriously the best birthday ever!!

On Monday Matt and Kim had to head home and so did Kevin and Rochele! It was really sad!! We'll obviously see Matt and Kim again soon (thank goodness!) but I'm not sure about the Fillmore's. They are up in Rexburg and we hardly ever go there. I had so much fun with Rochele for the last month or so and it makes me sad that we didn't realize how good of friends we could be until the end of the summer. I love you Rochele and miss you tons already!! At least I know we'll keep in touch!

On Wednesday pretty much everyone else with wives left, as well as some of the single guys. So now, as for wives, it's just me and Lindsey! Which is fine, I love Lindsey and her precious little girl, but it sure is sad that we are the only ones left. I started my new job on Monday. I'm the new secretary for this office for the extended program. So far it is going really well and I'm actually enjoying it. I hope it lasts! Haha!

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