Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Double Dates, Kickball and a New Job

So Rochele and I have been spending almost all day everyday together for the past week or so and it has been fabulous! It's so wonderful to have such a great connection with another girl!! I love Rochele so much!! She is such an amazing friend!! She's really the best and I am SO sad that I am losing her next week when she heads home to Rexburg. I'll miss her so much!

We were watching Racheal Ray one day and she had this fabulous looking recipe so we decided to do a double date with our husbands and make them dinner! We made lemon glazed chicken and tangerine scallion pasta!! It was delicious!! We also had sparkling cider, non-alcoholic wine, bread, and, of course, dessert!! We had apple crisp and vanilla ice cream! Yum!! We also made it all romantic with candles and low lights. It was so fun and really really tasty! It was great and our husband's loved it! After dinner we played games and had limeade!!! It was a great Saturday night!

On Sunday we had one of our last barbeques with everyone and then we went and played kickball together!! It was an absolute blast!! I haven't played a game like that for so long and I am so sore! It was SO great! Almost everyone was there! The score ended at 13 to 10 (or something like that). We were on the losing team and we had more people, it was pretty funny, but we had such a great time!!! I'm really going to miss everyone. Almost everyone is leaving by next week... Sad day...

So, I'm not really sure how this happened, it started out as a joke and then just happened so fast, but I HAVE A JOB!! No more job searching! YAY!! I am actually going to be the secretary for the Pinnacle office in Sacramento for the guys who are extending. I am pretty excited, though a little nervous. But Amy, the secretary now, is SO wonderful and amazing and she has spent a lot of time training me and making me feel comfortable about it. I'm so glad that I get to do this so she can go home! Wish me luck!!

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