Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Catching Up

fI feel like I haven't updated my blog in a while. I'm not sure if it's really been longer than usual or if it just feels that way. Of course, some people update their blogs a lot less so I guess this is still okay. ;)

Since I last wrote I did not go to Monterey Bay, though it is still in our plans... eventually. In a twist of events I ended up in Utah 3 weeks earlier than orginally planned. I guess I had a big moment of missing my family and ended up leaving my husband in Cali to work while I went to hang out with them. I guess I felt like I wanted to help, though I don't think there is really anything I can do. I'm not sure me being here is actually helping and, yes, I still feel absolutely, completely, 100% awful about leaving my husband and choosing my family over him... I'm a terrible person, and believe me, it won't happen again.

Granted, I have had a good time with my family, especially my sisters! I also spend a lot of time alone. We've gone to a play, went to take pictures, spent Halloween together, watched lots of movies, watched more TV, and just hung out and played together. It's been pretty fun.

I really miss Jonathan though! For the first few days I felt like it was tearing us apart. We haven't spent more than 4 days apart since we've been married before this, but at the moment, it might bring us closer together. We are really missing each other and spending a lot of time talking and laughing on the phone. It's going to be awesome when I fly to LA this Friday to meet him so we can leave for the cruise on Saturday. We are going to have a lot of fun together!!

By the way, HAPPY NOVEMBER!! Lots of things get to happen this month! Most importantly (for us anyway) is that we have our 2nd year anniversary on the 20th!!!! On the 21st, Jon's (and my) awesome friend Matt is getting married to his sweetheart Kim!!! We are so excited for them!!! Oh, and we are going on a cruise on the 7th!! A free cruise, even better!! It's going to be an awesome month! Yay!!

On another note, this is my 50th post! Yay for blogging, I do love it so!!

If anyone wants to get together while we are still in Utah (until December 14th) let me know and I'll see what I can do!!

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