Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Julie/Julia/Shalay Project

I really love the movie 'Julie & Julia'! I saw it on the plane when we were on our way to Europe and I really really loved it!! From then on I have really been wanting to cook. I missed cooking so bad while we were on our trip. I have wanted to learn how to be a great cook for a while but watching this movie really made me want to do it even more! In fact, the thing that has been most on my mind lately, (other than all the stresses of money and other day to day life things to worry about) has been food and cooking!!

I decided after watching the movie that I would LOVE to do something similar!! So I am! Granted, she did over 500 recipes in 1 year and I plan to only do around 150. My excuse, I am working on getting a full time job, have to move multiple times, and will not have the money to get ingredients all of the time. I think it's a good enough excuse! Haha! :)

Last night I made roasted garlic and it turned out really well!! But it was way too easy to count as one of my recipes. I have put together my own list of recipes that I would like to try. Most of them are from I don't want them to be too easy and I want the ones I make to be really great! What better place than Food Network? I thought about doing a cookbook but there are always too many recipes that I really don't want to try, so I've put together this one on my own!!

I was going to wait until we moved once more to start this little project, but I decided today that I couldn't wait anymore! So I dragged my sister to the grocery store and officially dubbed today as DAY 1!! I am making Liquid Center Chocolate Tortes with caramel sauce and caramelized bananas!! I can't wait!! I'll let you know how it goes!!

I'll have my countdown on the side of my blog! And I'll let you know how each recipe goes!! This should be fun, if not for anyone else, for me!! :) Thanks for listening and in the words of Alton Brown, Good Eating!!

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