Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Liquid Center Chocolate Torte

I have been watching "Worst Cooks in America" on Food Network and this recipe was on a few of the episodes. It looked so delicious and I just HAD to add it to my list of recipes I wanted to cook!!

Tonight, my sister, Nichi, and I worked together to make this awesome recipe!! I am really glad she was there to help me, I really needed it. I get pretty flustered when I cook, especially when trying new recipes. I really hope to change that. It was a pretty difficult recipe! I did a lot of things that I have never done before! I used a double broiler to melt the chocolate, had to fold in some of the ingredients instead of just mixing them, melted sugar to make caramel, cooked individual cakes instead of one big one, and caramelized bananas!!

The hardest part was trying to get those little cakes out of the tins and onto the plate without breaking them open!! I suppose you don't have to take them out, but I did anyway. I broke 3 out of 6 and definitely got better towards the end, it sure was stressful though!! I even made the plates look pretty with the caramel sauce and the bananas! It tasted AMAZING!!! I really feel very proud of myself, it was so cool to see it come together!! It was a ton of fun!!

Thanks again Nichi for helping me! I had an awesome time!

I highly suggest trying this recipe, I replaced the bourbon with vanilla because I didn't want to spend the money on bourbon when I only needed a tablespoon. I found this great site that had substitutes for alcoholic ingredients! SO useful! I would have just substituted with water if it wasn't for that site!

You can find this recipe on!!

I need to figure out how to take better pictures of food, but I was in a hurry.


  1. Hey, your pictures look good, you just need a better light source. Try to move to where there's a window and natural light is filtering in to the room. That's your very best option. If not bump your ISO a little higher or use your exposure compensation and definitely change your white balance to what your light source is. I hope that all made sense!

  2. Seeing Jenny try to take them out of the tins on Worst Cooks didn't help the stress either. But it was fun anyways! I love cooking with you and just hanging out with you! You are such a GREAT sister! I love you!