Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Catching Up

Wow, it has been forever since I last posted, at least compared to how often I post, maybe not compared to other people... Haha!!

A lot of stuff has happened this week! On Sunday the 21st we drove up to Pagosa Springs, CO to visit some good friends and for Jon to meet with a few of his recruits. It was snowing on the way up and for the last 2 hours or so of the drive we drove through snow that was worse than any storm we have ever driven in before. It was scary but we made it in one piece. We stayed there for a few days and did a bunch of things. Jon went skiing, I was too scared to go, and he had a lot of fun! We went to the hot springs on night with ROCKED!! It was so fun and it reminded me of the games we played as kids as we hoped from pool to pool over the icy sidewalk!! I spent a lot of time with the Johnsons, who are good friends that I have known practically since birth! It was so nice to see them and it brought back a lot of good memories. I also got to take a few pictures of their daughter and her boyfriend! It was a lot of fun!

On Wednesday morning we drove down to Mesa, AZ to meet with another potential recruit for Pinnacle and we got him signed up before we left only a few hours after being there. My family lived in Mesa for about a year and it was such a flashback of good memories to see it again. I really love Arizona!! That night we drive part of the way home and stopped at a hotel in Flagstaff before finishing the drive back to Utah. We drove straight to the airport where Jon got on a plane to Nashville, TN where we will be spending the summer.

While there he was able to find our apartments for the summer with 2 of the other managers, as well as check out the area and have fun with the guys. While he was gone I got my first assignment for my new job!!! I was so excited! It's due on March 9th, which is such a good thing since the file is 40 minutes long! Yikes! But the quality is really good so it's not too bad. I hope to finish it tomorrow, and definitely no later than Thursday! I had a little freak out moment yesterday because I couldn't get my footpedal to work, but with the help of my father-in-law, I was able to use it today. Thank goodness!!

When Jon got home on Sunday night we went for a drive and talked about a lot of things, we have been having a hard time lately and it was a really good thing to get it all out and now we are happier than ever and super excited to head out to Nashville!!

So things have been going well and I am super happy and excited for the future.


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