Friday, March 19, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday

Okay, so I know it has been a long time since my last post and it is definitely not like me to do that, but things have been crazy busy in our life lately so at least I have an excuse!

I have also missed the last 2 Fridays to post about my darling husband and being Friday again I think it's time to honor him again!!

This week, and the past few weeks, my husband rocks because he is so much fun and adventurous!! Unlike most of the people that I know right now, Jon is not yet ready to start our family and after a long talk about life in general I realized how grateful I am to have someone like my husband! I'm only 21 after all and it was only after my husband, not anyone else, pointed it out to me that I realized that a big reason I want a baby right now is because everyone I know is having babies and that I feel it's the next big step in our lives. It's not the only reason, I want a baby for many more reasons, but I did agree that I am really okay with waiting. Once we made this decision it was almost like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, a weight that I didn't know was there. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not all of a sudden against having kids early or anything like that and I do still want to start our family very much, I just decided that I'm okay with waiting.

One of the biggest reasons that Jon wants to wait is to be able to really enjoy being young! He often listens to people as they explain that the earlier you have your kids the earlier you can enjoy time alone once they're gone and he really wants to enjoy that time alone while we are still young and have the energy to do all the things we want too. I think that makes total sense and we have decided to really just spend some time together enjoying our youth while we still have it.

A few weeks ago we took a business/pleasure trip together. We drove down to Arizona to take care of some of Jon's recruits for Pinnacle (I am so excited for them to be with us this summer, they are really great!) and once we were done there we drove up to Vegas to spend a night there!! We got a suite in a brand new 5 star hotel right on the strip called Aria!! We even got it for free for spending 10 nights in hotels on our Italy trip!! It was the most amazing hotel I have ever been in! I want to live there! It was so nice!! We spent the night on the strip. We went to see the Bellagio fountain show, ate sushi for dinner, and just wandered around!! It was so great!! We had a ton of fun! The next day I flew home and Jon's best friend Josh flew to Vegas so they could have their bachelor party!! It sounds like they really had an awesome time and I am so happy for them!

It felt really awesome to just go out so spontaneously and do something so crazy and fun!! I decided that I really do kind of like Vegas and I'm looking forward to being fun, crazy, and young with my husband! He makes my life so exciting!! Gosh I love him!!!

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