Sunday, May 30, 2010

Everything Is Bigger In Texas

So I figured I needed to get you all caught up. We are no longer in Nashville, TN. Last Monday we moved to Dallas, TX!!! Things were not goings as well as we wanted them to in Nashville so we moved with a few people to a place where we believe things will be better.

So far so good!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it here!!! The weather is AMAZING!! It reminds me a lot of Cali actually! It's warm and a little humid but not near as humid as Nashville. It's been awesome to get a break from cold pouring rain! Here it's warm rain and only lasts a few minutes and doesn't even happen everyday! I love the trees. There are so many and they look like a lot of the trees in Cali. It's a beautiful place. I love the atmosphere! It feels a lot like it did last summer. Like summertime. Fun, exciting, successful... I can't really explain how it is but I love it so much!! It's a very happy feeling and I am definitely happier here!

I do miss the people that we left though!! I miss Rochele like crazy!! I wish she was out here with me and Jess!! We love you so much girl!! Speaking of Jess, I don't think I've talked about her yet. She came out about 2 weeks ago with her husband Mac. Mac is one of Jon's recruits. We quickly became good friends and we would hang out with Rochele all day everyday! It was really hard for us to leave her behind. Jess is awesome!! I have a lot of fun with her and we laugh a lot! She is definitely an inspiration to me! She does hair too and she cut my hair! It's awesome! I love it!! She is also getting me to work out with her, so that will be a good thing! I'm terrible at working out!

I miss my sisters like crazy!! Kira is graduating in a few days and it's crazy!! I can't believe it! I wish I could be there at her graduation!! I keep seeing all these pictures of them that are being posted on facebook and stuff and it makes me miss them so much!! Amber is awesome and we have been talking a lot lately!! I miss her so much!!

I've been thinking about my life in the past little while and I am thinking that I might want to do things differently than what I have been thinking. I'm not sure though because I change my mind a lot but I am thinking that I want to wait to have kids for a bit. I'm considering going back to school but I haven't decided yet. If I do I'm thinking of going to a trade school instead just a regular college. I don't want to take generals and that required junk. Not sure yet though, just thinking.

So things are going well for us! Jon's sales are picking up. We love Texas!! And we are so happy!! I really love my life and I'm excited for the future!!

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