Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Blessings in Dallas

Things have been interesting since we moved to Dallas. There have been a lot of bad things happen, mostly just drama with people. So and so doesn't like so and so, so and so did this, so and so did that... It's been exhausting but in the end the good things have outweighed the bad things.

We love it here in Dallas. The weather is amazing! Humid but not overly so, hot, but generally not too bad. Jon has been doing really well here! Much better than in Nashville. He hasn't gone even one day without selling anything and that feels so good. On Monday he sold 4 systems for the first time this summer and it feels great! We have been having a lot of fun with Jess and Mac! It's always nice to make friends that you end up caring about so much and to have them care about you in return is something to cherish. We are so happy to be able to spend so much time with them! I love having friends like that. Jess and Rochele are my angels and I love them so much!! Though we miss Erick and Kira like crazy!!!!

I have been looking for a job and have just found one!! It's perfect!! I will be working on Tuesday through Saturday from 1-9 pm. It's exactly the same schedule as Jon minus Monday and I can't believe how perfect it is going to be! Much better than my previous job! I will also be getting benefits in 3 months and will be getting a pay raise hopefully in not too long. We feel very blessed to be out here. Things are going well. We are catching up financially and this weekend we will be getting a nice push in the right direction when Jon gets paid and we are so grateful for that!

My sister, Amber (Nichelle) is coming to see me around the 23rd of June and I AM SO EXCITED!! She wanted to stay for at least a month but unfortunately we could only work in about 3 weeks but it's still a long time and we can't wait for her to get here! We are going to have fun at the pool and watch Color Splash Miami and do whatever we want!! It's going to be great!! And next summer she'll get to stay longer!!

Kira just graduated high school and I am so happy for her! I miss her like crazy and I wish I could see her too!!

We are loving life! We get to buy stuff to make sushi this weekend which rocks!! We are so happy together and we don't even care that people are spreading rumors around about us. It doesn't matter. We are so happy and we love our lives!!

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