Friday, May 14, 2010


Today is my amazing husband's birthday!!! He just turned 25!! It's so crazy to me! 25 is a big deal!!! He can officially rent a car without paying extra! Haha!! 25 seems to be the prime age, that's how I see it anyway. You aren't too young and you aren't too old, it's perfect!!

I have some fun things planned for him today!! This morning I made him breakfast and then we cuddled on the couch. We were going to a lot more but Jon decided he was tired so we went back to bed, but it was fun because we cuddled while we slept, it was really nice. Then we got up and got ready for the day. I took pictures of myself yesterday with the letters to spell out 'I love you' on different parts of my body. I've scattered the pictures around for him to find throughout the day! I also gave him one of his favorite candies for a gift. I wanted to give him at least one thing before he left to work for the day!

I won't tell you about what is planned for the rest of the day until tomorrow so I can tell you how it went as well!

Today is FRIDAY!! So it's also MY HUSBAND ROCKS FRIDAY!!

Today my husband rocks because he likes to spend time with me!! He decided that today he wanted to spend his birthday just with me and then we would go out and do stuff with friends tomorrow! It means a lot to me that he enjoys being with me and chooses me over everyone else!! He is such a sweetheart!! I just adore him!!

I love you Jonathan and I hope you have the best birthday EVER!!! MWAH!!

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