Friday, May 07, 2010

My Husband Rocks!

Oh my gosh! It's Friday and I actually remember to do this!! Crazy!! Haha

So this week my husband rocks because he is willing to sacrifice. He works so hard for us and he sacrifices so much. He doesn't spend unnecessary money so that we can have what we need. He sacrifices sleep in order to help his recruits get what they need. He even sacrifices time with me so he take care of business so we can have what we want and need. He works so hard and he is such a big help. On top of all the stress he has in his life he still works hard to make sure I'm happy and successful. He has his down days, everyone does, but he always works hard to stay positive. He lights up my life and brings me so much happiness! I always feel so blessed that I get to spend eternity with him!!

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