Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coins and Critters

Yesterday morning the salesman got a fun incentive! They got to go diving for money! There were $200 worth of gold dollars plus $100 worth of quarters that were tossed into the pool and the salesmen took turns to go in and collect as much as they could.

The order they went in depended on how many sales they got the day before. Everyone got to take two breaths under the water unless you didn't sell one the day before, then you only got one breath. Jon was 4th on the list and he got 2 breaths!

They had such a good time! Once everyone had had their turn then everyone got into the pool for a free-for-all as they all scrambled to collect the remaining money!

Jon did awesome and ended up with $24.50!!! We are using that money to go and see 'Despicable Me' this weekend!!

On our way home Jon and one of the other salesman found a squirrel and proceeded to chase it and then try to make it fall from the tree!

That night we went to the pool and while we were talking a frog just hopped right into the pool and started swimming around. Jon and I immediately took off after it and watched it swim around for a while. We picked it up and played with it a little and then took it home. Jon showed the cats and they just loved it!! We have it in a safe and comfy home and plan on playing with it a little more in the pool tonight before we let it go. It is so fun!!

Also, MY HUSBAND ROCKS this week because he listens to me. Just a small example of this was when he came home from the store yesterday and had bought me Cap'n Crunch, just the original, no berries, no nothing. I have told him before that my favorite part of the cereal was not the berries but the rest of it and so he came home with just the regular cereal. He is such a sweetheart. He really wants me to happy and it means to much that he listens to me, even for silly little things like cereal!! He is an amazing man!!

We are looking at places to live in Michigan and have pretty much decided on a place to live. We are still looking at other options but things are looking really good and we are so excited to start our new lives there!!

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