Friday, July 02, 2010

My Amazing Husband


My husband has been such a stud this week! He is so excited to get to Michigan and instead of just giving up on work he has worked even harder to make sure that he can get in as many sales as he can before we leave!! I can't believe how fast it is coming up! We couldn't be more thrilled!!

He has been so supportive and encouraging! I just started my new job and I'm pretty sure he is even more excited about it than I am! He loves knowing that I am working while he is and it makes me feel like I am helping out in some small way! It's a good feeling and I am really enjoying it so far! I generally don't like working but I have actually been enjoying this and it is much better than the alternative which is sitting at home, doing nothing, and feeling like I'm just a burden.

It has been a little tough with trying to balance work, my sister being here, people wanting to hang out during the day, and still trying to make sure that dinner gets done, the house is cleaned, the laundry is done, and making sure to show my husband how much I love him but he is being so understanding and has encouraged me to just concentrate on work and we can work together on everything else.

He has been such a sweetheart, just full of love and way cuddly. I can't get enough!! More than 2 and 1/2 years later and I still want to be with him every second of the day! He is the best husband in the world!!!

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