Monday, August 16, 2010

10 Things I Love & 1 Thing I Don't

So I decided to change this up a little and add in 1 thing I don't like at the end of my posts. Just for a little fun!! I know a few my friends started doing this so feel free to add in the last one too, I don't mind! :)
1. Fossil
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I LOVE this store!! They sell watches, jewelry, clothes (in some stores), bags, and other accessories! They have some of the cutest stuff!! My favorite pieces of jewelery they have are anything with this bird, this tree, and this owl!! SO CUTE!! They also have little key hanging from the clasp on most of their necklaces, it's so awesome! If only I could afford it! :)
2. Quidditch
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I recently found out that people are actually playing Quidditch now!! Muggle style!! I found out the rules and how is played by one of my good friends who coaches his own team, he is also a big part of the Utah division, which I think is pretty cool!! I didn't think it was that big until I found out that this game is played everywhere!! Even a few teams outside the US. They even play at schools like Harvard!! Crazy!! So awesome!! I want to go to a game so bad, good thing they have one here!! SCORE!!
3. Headbands
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I love this style!! I have bought a few recently and I love them!! They look so cute with so many different kinds of styles and haircuts! It's so awesome!!
4. Asparagus
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I didn't start eating asparagus until a few months ago but I really love it!! My favorite way to have it is to toss it with olive oil, salt, and pepper then toss it in the oven on 400 for 10 minutes, then when it's done you toss it in a lemon vinaigrette!!! SO YUMMY!! Funny story: I made some with dinner tonight and when we were done eating I looked over at Jon's plate and saw that he had eaten all of the the asparagus but had only eaten down half of the stalk. He things I should trim them more but I don't think so. I was thinking about it and realized that he reminds me of Thumper from Bambi.
Thumper's Mom: Thumper, what did your father tell you this morning?
Thumper: 'Bout what?
Thumper's Mom: About eating the blossoms and the leaving the greens....
Haha!! He is just like that, eating the blossom on top and leaving the stalk! Silly boy!!
5. Zooey Deschanel
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She is just so darn adorable!! She is so funny and quirky and just so different from a classic movie star that I just love her! I love her clothing style and her funny characters in movies!! I want to be like her!! She is so beautiful but doesn't act all cocky and 'better than you'!! Her music is great and she is just...gosh... I don't know! I just LOVE her!
6. Snuggies
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So I kind of hate to admit to this one. I was super against snuggies for the longest time, I mean come on, really, a blanket with sleeves? Really? BUT my Dad bought Jon and I University of Michigan snuggies for Christmas and while initially I laughed, I mean really...Really?!! I actually kind of love them!! It's so nice when I'm working on the computer and freezing my butt off and have to be typing, since that's what I do for work, it is just super convenient, so I will back off on snuggies... Crocs however...still against!!
7. Robert Downey Jr.
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So I have not always been a Robert Downey Jr. fan, for no particular reason, but after Iron Man... Mmmmm Mmmm Mmm!!! He is so yummy!! I have a thing for that kind of movie character, the 'ladies man', rich, gets whatever he wants, cocky, sexy, and he knows it!! Something about that in movies or on TV, LOVE!! Gosh he is a sexy man!! Definitely a fav!! And he drives an Audi!!! * Squeal*
8. Lemon Zest
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I love zest!! Lime zest, orange zest, but especially lemon zest!!! It adds so much...zestiness... to a dish!! Haha!! I made this awesome pasta tonight with a creamy lemon sauce that calls for 4 lemons worth of zest!! To DIE for!!!! Oh my gosh!! Num Num Num!!!! Live is good with a little zest!!!
9. Blue and Orange
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I LOVE this color combination!! It makes sense, they are opposite on the color wheel, which means they always look amazing together, like red and green, and purple and yellow!! But orange and blue is SO pretty!! I actually have my living room in orange and blue right now! I have orange curtains (a tasteful orange of course), blue couch pillows, an orange and blue rug, and blue and orange accessories like vases, candles, and flowers. We also have a painting up that is mostly orange, so awesome!! I will take pictures soon I hope!! :)
10. Stars
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I have always just adored looking at the stars!! One of my favorite things is so go camping, or even take a drive out to somewhere dark and look at the stars. They are so beautiful and full of wonder. There is nothing like that!! My favorite!
AND 1 thing I don't...
The song Bicycle Race by Queen
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Oh my gosh. I know I am going to regret this because it is going to be stuck in my head all night but I have to tell you. I HATE this song!! I have always hated it!! With a passion!! You know it's hard to pick your most favorite thing because you like so many, or even hard to pick your least favorite because you don't like so many of them! Well this is my least favorite song of ALL time!! There is not a worse song, anywhere!! I don't know where this hate came from but I really really really don't like this song. I always put my hands over my ears and make nonsensical noises when it comes on, my family thinks it's funny and turn it up or sing it... Yep...pure hate...
On a more positive note, I love you all!!! :) :) :)

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