Saturday, August 14, 2010


There is a lovely river that runs right through the center of downtown Ann Arbor. When we first got here Jon went canoeing with the rest of the M1s and he had a great time! So last Saturday he decided that we should go together. I have not been the most outgoing person in past years and doing adventerous things often gets me a little anxious. But no longer am I going to be this woman!! I want nothing more than to be the fun, outgoing, spontaneous, adventerous girl!! First step, canoeing!

I was a little worried once I saw the size of the canoe, I forget how long they can be. I felt there was no way it was going to be successful. But I had a BLAST!! We laughed and splashed each other, we went fast but we definitely spent some time just going slow and enjoying the view. We almost tipped over 3 times and just managed to save ourselves each time!!! We went in the morning and the weather was perfect!! The river was so beautiful!! It was just sublime!!

We even stopped in some lily pads on the side of the river in hopes of seeing frogs, we didn't see any but it was so pretty it didn't matter!! The whole trip took about 2 hours and we loved every minute!! It was definitely a fun adventure and I can't wait until the next one!!

Things are going so great here! We couldn't be happier! We have 4 new frogs as pets that we caught on our house. We hope to get lots more. The snake is in her big cage and loving it! The cats are happier than ever!! Even Asrielle has been ridiculously cuddly, which is just not like her! I am loving it! She is by my side almost every moment. Silly kitty. Even right now she sitting on my lap, perfectly content. :)

Jon took his first test and passed!! He had a study group at the house the day before and I got to meet a few more of his classmates. I'll tell you what, it is so intimidating to be surrounded by so many super smart doctors-to-be, yikes. But they are all nice, so that's good!!

There are so many things I want to do now that we are here and I am trying to get my brain to slow down enough to think straight so I can write them down and get them done.

I am hoping to be able to takes pictures, and maybe a video tour, of our home soon. I just want to make sure it's all finished, pictures are hung, and all that. Hopefully soon!! Love you all!!


  1. How Fun:) Good for you and being adventurous! I'll get there one day:) And that picture of Jon air-guitaring the paddle is Hi-larious! I'm happy your doing so well! When you come back you'll have to spread some of that adventurousness around;)

  2. Hey gorgeous! I love love all your posts and reading your updates and pictures!! I love MD and I totally want to visit! ;) It looks like you are having a blast! I love your hair, it is the perfect haircut for you! Im so glad you two are having so much fun. It gets so much harder after you have a little one.. so is that in the plans anytime soon?? :)