Monday, August 23, 2010

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

So yesterday, Sunday, we invited a bunch of the couples from Jon's M1 class over for game night!! We were so happy when 10 people showed up!! It was a blast!! Everyone brought a snack to share and we played some games!!

We started with Wits and Wagers. Jon loves it, and it can be pretty fun, but I really suck at it and end up feeling REALLY stupid!! I was happy when it was over. After that we played Partini, which is always a blast. We played girls vs. boys and the boys won by 2. Oh well. Still way fun! After that we played Apples to Apples!! GREAT game!! We had a blast!! We ended up playing to 6 green cards because people were winning too quickly. The green cards that Jon won, that were supposed to explain his personality, were all pretty similar, really funny, and totally not him!! It was great!!

When everyone left we sat down and watched the last episode of Design Star. I actually pretty much hated this season. They changed too many things, I didn't love any of the designers, and I was extremely unhappy that in the last episode it was the judges who chose the winner, not america's votes. Not...happy... But out of the last 2 people left the 1 I wanted to win did, so that was good at least. Anyway, Candice Olsen made the funniest face at one point. We kept rewinding it because it was so funny!! I just had to take a picture and show you!!

Haha!! That is quite the face to make on National television!

Then this morning as I was taking Jon to school I saw this...

Which reminded me of this...

So it's not a beam way up in the sky, but it still quite endearing! :)

Have a great week!!

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday to my amazing friend Mercede!! I love you!!

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