Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Additions (PLEASE HELP)

I am so excited!! Today I had my first comment by someone I didn't know! And then to make it better I got a second comment and a new follower!!! Welcome Miss JMay!!

So I am really working on fixing up this little blog of mine and making is super fun and pretty and all that so that it will be pretty much awesome!! Eventually I think it would be fun to start doing Giveaways!!! Though I have no idea how to do that yet... It's definitely a goal!!

So, a few things I am going to start doing...

1. 10 things I love and 1 thing I don't. -- Check! Already started!
2. A weekly post about Fashion.
3. A weekly post about Design.
4. A weekly post about Photography
5. A weekly post about Food.
6. Continue MHRF.
7. Occasional posts on 'What it's like to married to a medical student'

What do you guys think? Are there any other kinds of things you would like to hear about? Things you would like to see here?

Also, I REALLY need your guys help!!
Should I change the name of the blog or do you like Peterson and Co.? I can't decide!! Let me know! I am struggling to think of other thoughts, so far I have 'The Mrs. and her Mr.' and 'Lovestruck' (maybe with a lightening bolt through it or something). I want to make sure it something that really represents Jon and I!! Please comment!! I need help!!

Lastly, if any one has any tips on how to redecorate my blog and make it look super cute and inviting, please let me know!



  1. : ) I love your enthusiasm.
    I would stay with Peterson & Co.
    I like the his and her section to the left.

    Two Petersons in a Pod!
    Ha, so I like the name Peterson & Co.
    ,but I definitely just had an idea strike me--two peteresons in a pod. It is kinda lengthy, but just imagine all the design possibilities. Hmm. Well, good luck in your ventures.

  2. Maybe this might help with the blog makeover stuff?
    The lady that runs the blog is doing a whole series on blogging, so you might want to look into it. :)