Saturday, September 04, 2010

Football Season

I love football!! I started to get into it during high school when a guy I had a crush on was on the team, plus going with my friends was just so much fun!! Now I really like the game just for the game, though it's so much fun to watch it with fun people!!

This season we are hoping to able to go to a few of the University of Michigan games!!

Interesting story, the high school that Jon and I went to, Hunter High, got their mascot and fight song from the University of Michigan! What a crazy coincidence that he ended up going to the U of M! So fun!! It's so weird to hear my old fight song being played at these college level games!!  GO BLUE!!

Their first game is today and unfortunately I am stuck in the office working while listening to my husband yell and scream and laugh excitedly while watching it on TV.  I would shut the door but I don't him to think I'm mad.. though I am super bummed I have to sit here and listen to doctors, one of which I am sure is being distracted while watching his won football game, Grr!  We really want to go to some of the games but I have to work every Saturday, which means I would have to ask for days off and I feel like I have already been asking for too many days off and the stress is making my head spin.  We'll see how it goes!!

Have fun at your football games this season and have a great holiday weekend!!


  1. That's so fun! I love football too! :) It's a big thing between my dad and I. And I would think it weird to hear the fight song from high school at the college level, but at least you don't have to learn a new one. ;) I'm sorry you're stressed though! I hope things get better in the work department.

  2. Thats way funny:) but now at least when you go to there games now you know the fight song;) lol! I love football too! It's so fun! I have every intention of going to a hunter game this season!