Friday, October 01, 2010


This week I just feel like bragging about my man!! He is so amazing!! I wonder everyday how I got lucky enough to have him!

Some of the many MANY things I love about him are:
He loves to cook and is VERY good at it!
He helps around the house.
He takes care of the finances, but wants me to be involved as well.
He puts me before everything else!
He is always encouraging me!
He is AMAZING at giving gifts and planning holidays!
He always makes me laugh!
He loves to mow the lawn!
He knows me so well!!
He is a great handyman and when he can't figure something out he isn't too proud to ask for help.
He loves road trips and driving!
He is so perfect for me!!

I couldn't have asked for a better companion! He is my everything!

A few weeks ago we went to the cider mills! We got fresh apple cider, donuts, and then picked some apples and raspberries!! It was so much fun and we took tons of pictures!! I finally got around to editing them so here you go!

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