Saturday, January 22, 2011

|{ Pictures and Plans }|

We had a lovely week this week!

On Monday we went to Niagara Falls (post coming soon), we think a kitty is living under our house, we had the most delightful dinner, our cats made us laugh, all of our favorite TV shows started up again including Lie to Me, The Mentalist, White Collar, The Office, and Modern Family, and this weekend should be filled with fun and friends as well! :)


Jon at his desk studying, blowing bubble gum, and being taken over by felines.


Before we finally got around to rewashing and folding the towels the cats made a nice little bed out it, then Jon tucked them in for a good days sleep.


My amazing husband surprised me and bought me Sims 3 (which I have been wanting since it first came out) and it is AWESOME!! For any Sims fans out there who have not played it yet you should! It is amazingly better and more detailed than 1 and 2! So fun!


Everything was covered in ice at Niagara Falls due to the spray coming off of the water and the cold temperatures!


She just looked so pretty and I was camera happy.


A look into my daily life, a heater which sits right next to my desk to keep me toasty when it's cold, which it always is.


MMM!! SUSHI!! We had the missionaries over for dinner and when Jon asked them what their favorite food was one said sushi (jokingly, because who would serve them sushi), and when the other didn't look so pleased with that idea Jon suggested Italian as well.  They were very impressed and surprised!  So we had a very mismatched but amazing meal of Sushi, Pesto Calabrese, and Steak! It reminded me of the movie Signs when they make that big meal with all the stuff that doesn't go together, like it was their last meal.  This would be my death day meal! Tasty!


See the footprints?!?! I saw a kitty climb under our house!! We think he might live there! Or at least visit occasionally! We were pretty sure there was something under there and were pleased to find out it was a cute black and white kitty and not a possum!!

So, now that I am caught up on pictures we can move on a little! :)

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to Josh and Taleya (from the wedding I recently went to) who just found out they are expecting a baby!! He/she should makes its way into the world around the middle of September!

Second, due to the first thing, Jon and I got to talking again about when we want to start our family and decided we really needed to get on the same page so it wasn't constantly hanging over our heads.  So after a long talk and trying to figure when would be best we have decided that we are officially (no going back) going to start trying to start our own family on August 29th, 2012 (my birthday!)!! Now we are going to focus on getting as prepared (mostly financially) as we possibly can in the next year and a half! I am so thrilled!

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