Wednesday, April 13, 2011

|{ Selfie Saturday- Magic Tricks }|

First of all, I am SUPER proud of myself because not only did I DO this challenge but I also did on MONDAY instead of putting it off until last minute! Yay!!

I don't really know what made me think of the photo I wanted to take, it just sort of popped into my head I guess.  I wanted to do levitation but I wanted it to have a story behind, a reason, so the one that came into my head first?!??! Alien abduction!! I think it turned out pretty cool, I am still trying to figure out if that is people think of when they first see or not, but that's okay if they don't.  I made some mistakes in editing, but for my first try I don't think it's too bad and I learned a lot just getting down and dirty and doing it! :)

So, here is my final product!! :) **Click to see full size! **

I posted this on Facebook and got tons of 'How did you do that?!?!' questions so I thought I would actually show you my steps into how I did this one.

It's all about layers!!

First I started off with my background:

Then I had to make all the floating objects:  

Then I wanted to make it even more dramatic so I grabbed my fan to make the curtains blow:

And last but not least.. me! It took me a while to figure out how I was going to do it.  I knew I had to find something to hold me up, so I grabbed some rolled up sleeping bags at first. I originally was going to wear some fairly tight pajama looking clothes so that it wouldn't look weird when I laid on the sleeping bags, however, the sleeping bags did not get the height I wanted.  I went looking for something else and found a couple of folding chairs.  It was perfect.  So I put on a flowy dress (too bad I didn't have the perfect white nightgown) since I now had the space between the two chairs to let it fall.  It was SO HARD to try to stay balanced on a couple of chairs sitting on my mattress AND try to take the picture AND make it look like I wasn't falling off the chairs. Haha.  But I did get a few good shots.  

Then I put them all together and did all the rest of my edits, like making it look more like night, changing the clock from 7 to 1, and adding a more obvious light coming through the window.  Ta-da!! 

It was a really fun challenge! I had a blast doing it!

I am so glad the weather is warming up because I really want to do next week's Jump Shot outside! 



  1. WOW! Seriously GREAT Magic Trick... really wonderful and thought out! I'm trying to think of magic, still catching up, but your pics are inspiring!

  2. Hell yeah!
    Believe it or not, that's exatly the shot I was going to do. I still might do, since I've been meaning to do one for a while.
    You did amazing! I love all the floating objects. Great job, Shalay!

  3. THIS IS SO COOL! WOW! Awesome job!!!

  4. FANTASTIC JOB- I really struggled with this one! Your shot is IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That's awesome!!!! You did a great job!

  6. Wow! You really put in a lot of effort for this and it turned out fantastically! Great job!

  7. This is pretty awesome!!! So creative. it looks like a scene out of paranormal activity of something.

  8. This is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I have been inspired, and given some time... I WILL come up with something "magic" to do. You always inspire me .:)

  9. Awesome! I really love what you've done - it's really effective and cool

  10. Awesome job! Thanks for your steps!

  11. That turned out awesome - I don't know if you saw my attempt at a similar shot but I failed. You totally rocked it and now I can't wait to try it again. Love it!

  12. AWESOME!! Nice job! Thanks for sharing the process too, maybe I will give it a go!