Tuesday, April 12, 2011

|{ Baby Names }|

A few days ago we were hanging out with some friends and the subject of baby names came up. They asked us if we had any ideas for names for when we have kids and I ended up pulling out my list. I always keep it in my purse because we usually think of names when we aren't home and I don't want to forget them. I had not looked over the list in a while and we ended up eliminating some names while I was reading through them. As I was nearing the end I realized something funny, 3 of the names on our list were the names of our friends new babies, named after we had made the list. The names were Conner, Ashlyn, and Lydia. Another funny thing was that the names all came from people who are our friends that we worked with through Pinnacle. So those names are pretty much are off the list now, haha! :)

Also, speaking of babies, I'm going to be an AUNT!! This will be my first niece/nephew and I'm pretty excited!


  1. I wouldn't feel bad at all if you used Lydia. Sadly, there is a good chance they would never even meet. We try to rule out family member names, but I think friends are fair game. :)

  2. Hey I feel the same as Heidi about our bab girl's name. Just bc her name is Ashlyn doesn't mean no one else is allowed to name their child Ashlyn. I totally would not care. Just means you have good taste. :-)