Saturday, April 09, 2011

|{ Selfie Saturday- Model Eyes + Arms Length}|

This weeks selfie challenge is actually My Friend the Fan, but I have really short hair and it really is kind of challenge for more of the long haired variety.  So while my current plan is to start growing it out again, I think I'll wait for that challenge when it gets to more to a movable length.

So, I didn't want to just skip a week, especially after I didn't get a photo in last week so I tried to focus on the challenge from a few weeks ago, Model Eyes.

I did this in the evening and the lighting is awful.  I also JUST took them and finished editing them, seriously like half an hour ago.  I also decided to attempt to do the challenge for Arms Length Selfies.

So all you lovely people out there, especially the ones who have done this challenge and know what to look for, what do you think?  Do my eyes look right or are they just weird?  Do they actually look like they are taken at arms length like they aren't supposed to?  Let me know, I need the constructive criticism in order to learn! :)

P.S.  I LOVED going through all of your Fan photos this week! You guys are so talented!! :)

I am SO SO SO excited for this coming weeks challenge, Magic Tricks, it's going to be A BLAST!! I am hoping to do it either tomorrow or Monday since they are my days off work.  I also can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!!! :)


  1. I love it:) your so loverly! I love the hat pictures! with the lighting it makes them look all....mid 50's ish:) did you dye you hair again? it looks like it might be a lighter color...I might be wrong though:) either way you look loverly!

  2. @Jessica :)

    I didn't dye it again, no, but the way I edited the pictures it does look that way! :)

  3. Very nice job - I especially like your last two shots!

  4. You're definitely doing THE SQUINT :) Great job, Shalay! Love the hat!