Saturday, June 25, 2011

|{ Those Darn Cats }|

Our cats have been SO BAD this week!! They are extra annoying with their meowing, they have been getting into EVERYTHING, and yesterday one of them swiped at our snake while I was holding her and actually managed to hit her!!! Kitty got in BIG trouble for that one.

But this morning I had to clean up the biggest mess I have ever had to due to our feisty felines!!


One of the cats got up onto the shelf and knocked over our Costco sized jug of laundry soap, causing the lid to come off and spilling half of the jug!!! It was everywhere!!! On the washing machine, my newly cleaned sheets, the floor, and ALL OVER the walls!!! Laundry soap is surprising hard to clean off walls and we found out the quality of the paint that was used to paint the walls before we moved in.  The paint was coming off with the lightest little scrubs.

On the plus side? It was probably the cleanest mess I have ever had to clean up.

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