Saturday, June 25, 2011

|{ Selfie Saturdays - Perfection }|

So this week Elena taught us a few fun things to use in Photoshop to help make you look more perfect! :)

It was really fun to learn and I really liked what she said when she explained that the point was not to edit yourself so that you no longer looked like your true self, but that we shouldn't feel bad about making odd poses and angles look better. :)

I just played around with it a bit, and while this is probably a bit over the top in the editing department, I was just playing around with the new tools that I hadn't used before, so it was fun! :)

I didn't like the odd way my hip was sticking out, so I tucked it in.

I want to get better at using Photoshop, so it was a fun way to get to learn some new things! :)

And this coming week Elena will be teaching us how to use animations so I can layer these 2 photos together so you can see the change easier!! AND I already know the pictures I want to use it for!!

Oh, and this wasn't a selfie, so I cheated.  Hubby took this picture.


  1. Shalay, this is perfect! You totally got the point of the tutorial! I love love love the second picture! What a difference just a little editing makes!
    great job!

  2. Great shot and nice edit, very natural looking.

  3. What a subtle change that really came out lovely!

  4. Great work!! Impressive use of photoshop!