Saturday, July 02, 2011

|{ Selfie Saturdays- GIFs }|

I was super excited about this weeks Selfie theme! I was one of the many people who asked Elena specifically to do this one and I couldn't wait to try it out!!!

See the post below for my hubby being attacked by a bird! It was that series of pictures that made me REALLY want to learn how to this and I'm so glad I got to do it GIF style!!

So the day after Elena taught us how to do it I went outside with my man and we took this series of pictures for our families back home!  It was also the first time we have done a selfie together, so that was fun.... Well it would have been more fun it we weren't being eaten by mosquitoes the entire time!

Here it is!!



  1. Cute:) and I am so inlove with your blond hair! SUPER cute!!!

  2. These are soooo much fun! I love that you involved your hubby!

  3. Love it!!! That's really sweet. Good use of your new gif skills. :) And I laughed (a lot) at that bird-attack series! hahaha

  4. Shalay,
    You're the winner of our giveaway! You don't have much time to contact me. Hurry!!!
    Toni - Design Dazzle