Wednesday, July 20, 2011

|{ The End Of An Era }|

It's over!! It's all over!! Like all other Harry Potter fans, I am very sad about this fact.

I'll start by giving you a ***SPOILER ALERT**** for those of you who have yet to see the movie (and haven't read the books).

The last movie was FANTASTIC!! I was a little surprised at how quickly the film got to the battle scene at the end, but I was so glad that it did! I feel like it really gave it the attention it deserved in order to end the series well!  There was so much detail that they really didn't leave much out from the books.  The only thing I really missed was that I did not feel that they did the deaths of Fred, Tonks, and Lupin justice.  I feel they were hardly even noticed and it should have been a bigger deal.

We were able to go to the midnight showing and it was so awesome!! There is absolutely nothing like going to a midnight showing of a Harry Potter movie!! To be surrounded by so many people who are equally as big of fans as you are makes the whole experience that much more exciting!! I know that a lot, probably most, people really hate crowds but in the past few years I have decided that I actually love crowds!  There are only a few circumstances when I really wish there were no crowds.  Crowds make everything more exciting!!

Jon and I dressed up as death eaters for the movie! I drew the dark mark on our arms, we wore black clothes and cloaks, Jon wore his graduation robe which was perfect, and I wore my Hogwarts robes that my Mom made me for Halloween one year.  I was ecstatic that they still fit!!  A little more snuggly around the shoulders but that's it!  We even brought some nice chopsticks to use as wands! :)

We did NOT see it in 3D and that was great!  We both pretty much hate this sudden 3D crazy, it makes everything so cheesy.  So Jon saved our seats while I went and stood in line for 15-20 minutes for popcorn and a drink, and I was happy to do it! It was fun to watch all the people and see all the costumes.  A guy even walked by with a big Gryffindor lion on his head that he had made! :)

While we were sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to start it was so much fun.  People started chanting "Snape, Snape, Severus Snape" from the puppet pals video and a lot of people joined in.  Then a guy from the theater came in to announce that they were starting movie and when he said "As you know, this is the last film..." Some guy in the back suddenly called back, "Wait! What?!?" in mock surprise.  It was hilarious.  He also said that we cheered the loudest that he had heard so far that night, take that 3D goers!! :)

When the previews came on you could feel the excitement that everyone had, that is until the preview of a movie that starred Taylor Lautner (Jacob from Twilight) came on and the second you saw his face there were suddenly sounds of disgust coming from everyone, it was so funny! Once everyone heard each other we all started to laugh.  I love Harry Potter fans!

The best though, is during the movie, and this is why going to the midnight showing is better than anything else, the strong reactions you get from everybody makes the movie so much more exciting and more emotional than it would be without them.  The loud cheering whenever a character does something great, the laughter at moments when you won't hear anyone laughing out loud a few days later, it's like seeing a different movie, a better one, and I am really going to miss going to see Harry Potter with so many wonderful fans!

So raise your glasses of butter beer to the end of the Harry Potter era, you will be greatly missed by millions of fans!


  1. Fun!!! i'm with you! it's SO fun to go to movies at midnight! SO FUN! I love the crowds:) It hink it makes it all that much more fun! good for you guys!

  2. Love the outfits and glad you went to see it with your hubby! (I must admit I too am not a fan of 3D)

  3. OH MY FREAKING GOD! That is just sooooo stinkin' cool! The mark looks so good- I can't believe you drew it yourself! You guys looked like real Des. Especially you girlie!
    The glasses on hubby kind of threw the whole look off, but you looked perfect!