Sunday, August 21, 2011

|{ Niagara Falls And Camping }|

While my sister was here we decided to take her to Niagara Falls! We stopped for lunch on the way there and then we hit the falls!  The first time we went to Niagara Falls it was on the Canada side and in the winter.  Since Ember didn't have a passport we went on the US side and it was cool to see the falls unfrozen!! I just love how close you can get to the water, it's really neat! It was kind of hard to take pictures because I was afraid of getting the mist from the falls on my lens, but I got some good shots!!  It was so hot that day, we were all very uncomfortable, but we had a good time anyway!

These cute little birdies were rolling around in the dirt.  I think they were trying to get cool.  It was so cute!

That night we went camping!  Camping is Michigan is....weird.  We've been twice now and both times  were at camp grounds that had a ton of lots and the large majority of people (99% of them) all use campers instead of tents.  It's weird not to be up in the mountains where there is no one else around, or at least a lot less people and since it's not in the mountains it also doesn't cool down at night.  I'm used to freezing at night even in the summer when I go camping, but even bringing a sleeping bag here is practically pointless as it's too warm to get inside of it!

We definitely miss camping.  We did have a lot of fun though.  Our camp ground was on a little lake and they had some floating slides in the lake.  It took some courage but I eventually joined Jon and Ember on the slides (I'm afraid of swimming in dark water like in lakes and the ocean, scares me to death).  It was REALLY fun! I'm glad I went out there! :) We played with our slingshot for a while when we got back to our campsite.  I sucked, as I usually do with things like that, but both Jon and Ember were pretty darn good at it!

This looked like a dragon, which I thought was appropriate!

For dinner we roasted hot dogs on the fire and some marshmallows too!!  Sleeping was a lot less fun.  My poor husband hardly got any sleep at all as he could not get comfortable and then we got a HUGE scary thunderstorm in the middle night with thunder and lightening every few seconds and really loud and then it started pouring!! We were worried enough that we almost considered getting into the car. It was nuts!

All in all though, it was a really great trip! We had a blast!!

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