Wednesday, September 14, 2011

|{ Looking Back }|

I just skimmed through all of my previous blog posts and it was really entertaining to see all the changes that happened since I started blogging.  Not just in my life, which is obviously always changing, but in the quality of my photos, the way I posted my photos onto my blog, the way I typed out my blog posts, and the different people who commented on my blog posts during different times of my life.

It is really pretty eye opening just to see where I was and where I am now.  I really like where I am now and I am so happy to be seeing progress in everything that I am doing!

I really do love my life and I love where I am at and I have so much to continually look forward too! I have AMAZING friends and the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for!

I am feeling so blessed right now as I type this, my husband studying at his desk next to me, listening to the rain softly falling outside.

Life is good!

p.s. I love Pinterest.

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